Chapter 603. The Legendary Titanium Eye (Part One)  

Mario glared at him.

“Oh my god, why didn’t you f*cking say so that this is their basecamp? Are

you crazy?”

Chekhov scowled at him,

“You’re not a Deviant if you’re scared! I’ll go back and tell Boss that

you’re a wimp, so that he’ll remove your ability and banish you from the

Deviant Corp.”

“I’m not a f*cking

wimp!” Mario snapped.

“Then shut up.” Chekhov said, “When the soldiers come after us, I still have to rely on you to block those bullets since you’ve got thick skin. Boss had originally wanted to send Diesel and I over, but I recommended you. Don’t thank me.”

Mario was speechless. “What the fack, you’re not treating me like a human being, eh? You f*cking threw me under the bus without discussion?”

“Shh, shut up. Don’t distract me.” Chekhov glared at him.

Then, he spread his ultrasonic senses a few hundred meters away and locked onto that soldier from the I Nation.

The guy raised his eyelids weakly as he said to the crowd, “Dead, all dead! The G Nation, I Nation, BritainNation, and R Nation teams, including our soldiers, they have all died! Over a hundred soldiers in total, all killed! Devil! All those guys were demons, I don’t know how they did it, but they were really strong! The man in black was just one of them and they had several more! The soldiers who stayed there have all died, and they let me come back so I could tell you that they want one million dollars to ransom each soldier’s body, or they’ll burn them! And…. And…”

The commander: “Don’t worry, you take your time.”


A gunshot shattered the calmness and the commander holding the soldier felt a hot splash on his face. He wiped his face, finding that he had been covered in blood, and that soldier’s head had been penetrated by a bullet that blasted open his forehead. His pupils stared at the commander like dead fish eyes as his voice and breathing stopped abruptly!

The scene exploded straight away. All the soldiers surrounded the commanders while some others rushed out in pursuit of the murderer, tracing where the bullet was fired from.

After tossing his gun into the back of the truck, Chekhov hurried into the passenger seat with both feet. “Drive! Let’s go!”

Mario stepped down hard as he did a U-turn and drove away.

Chekhov saw Mario driving with his lights on and yanked him away. “I’ll drive, you turn off the lights.”

Mario: “Who can see the road if you turn off the lights? If we get stuck in some pothole or flip over, we would be captured as lab specimens.”

Chekhov yanked him right into the passenger seat and then he took control of the steering wheel and turned off all the lights. It was true that it was dark during the middle of the night, making it impossible to see. At least Mario couldn’t see anything, not to mention the road.

But Chekhov could see, his bat-like eyes ability suddenly shining brightly in the pitch darkness.

“Oh my god, the legendary spotting eye!” Mario saw that Chekhov’s eyes were like eyes made of titanium as he joked. “Your ability is beyond god-like, Big Brother.”

Chekhov: “It’s alright. It’s just good for long distance fighting and I would still be in trouble if they get close, so from now on you and I should work together as a combo. I’ll take care of the far ones, while you take care of the close ones.”

Mario said in disdain, “Why do I feel like a bodyguard? Get lost, you have to protect me as well as our Boss. And don’t look at me with your titanium eyes, I can’t stand the glare.”

Those vehicles that had come out to chase the assassins lost track of Chekhov’s vehicle halfway around the area, and they couldn’t find where the car went.

Chekhov drove unhindered all the way back to the Deviant Corp’s base camp.

As soon as they got back, they saw a bunch of people come out and gather around Chekhov and Mario. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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