Chapter 603. The Legendary Titanium Eye (Part Two)  

“I hear you two know your powers already?” Zhang Xiu came over and put his arm around Chekhov’s shoulders with a smile. He sounded somewhat envious because a few of them have yet to display any ability.

On the field, Vala stood still as he let Luo Yi beat him.

 Chekhov asked curiously, “Did the two of them fight?”

“No.” Zhang Xiu said, “Vala wanted to see if being beaten would stimulate him to instinctively reveal his ability afterwards, so he’s letting Luo Yei beat him. You tell me, I feel that after taking a beat for a quite long period of time, I realized that Vala has great endurance. What exactly is your ability, you haven’t told me yet, quickly show me.”

Chekhov said, “Get out of the way, I’m going to show-off.”

After Zhang Xiu took a step back, Chekhov’s titanium eyes immediately awkwardly lit up in the night, scaring Zhang Xiu so much that he jumped a step away. Mario passed by the hall and said, “Don’t worry, his dog eyes only have a secondary role and no killing power! It just has some special effects.”

Chekhov couldn’t help but laugh.

Mario walked up to Vala and said to him, “Luo Yi can’t make you reach your limit with those punches. I can beat you up.”

Vala immediately dashed to the side, “Get out of my way, you meat shield.”

Mario smiled proudly as he said, “Come on, don’t be afraid, I’ll just punch you!”

Having said that, he actually swung a punch at him. When Vala saw his punch swinging over with the strength of the wind and that there was no way to dodge it, he could only block by crossing his arms in front of him. He closed his eyes to mentally prepare himself to lie in bed for a week.

At that moment, dense spikes suddenly appeared on his hands!

Very strong hard spikes.

Mario screamed when his fist landed onto the spikes, “Ahhh!”

The others just turned around saw Mario half-kneeling on the ground while holding his fist in the other hand and screaming in pain, the back of his fist bleeding.

Vala looked incredulously at his hands. The backs of his arms were all covered in hard spikes, and Diesel ran over and touched them as he sucked in a breath. “So hard! What is this gene?”

Xu Cheng put his hands on the second floor balcony railing and said, “Pangolins scales. I guess besides his arms, he should be able to grow them on both feet as well. Vala was good at Muay Thai boxing elbow strikes, so these spines are basically concealed weapons. Vala, try to take a shot to see if these spines can stop a pistol bullet.”

Then Xu Cheng tossed a potion over to Mario. “Apply it! Leave the rest for Vala.”

Vala nodded at that.

Then he said to Luo Yi, “Try shooting me.”

“Ugh.” Luo Yi didn’t expect Vala to shield his hands in front of his body for him to shoot, because if this didn’t work, wouldn’t the bullet hit the rest of his body? This

Vala is a faithful subordinate.

“It’s fine, the worst case scenario is getting shot, but there’s Boss’ potion so it’s fine. Shoot!” Vala was in a very excited state right now, so he didn’t care at all.

Luo Yi also nodded and pulled the trigger, firing a shot at the spikes on the outside of Vala’s arm!


The bullet hit the spike on the outside of Vala’s arm and caused some sparks. However Vala didn’t feel any pain. He saw that his arm wasn’t hurt and was immediately surprised, “Hahaha, Mario, come and hit me again, I love you so much!”

Mario looked at him with a grimace on his face. “You f**ck off!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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