Chapter 604: Regret (Part One)

The basecamp broke out in an uproar.

The death of that soldier was a blatant provocation from the enemy.

It was a warning to them that if they chose to confront them any longer, they would be the next to die!

The military strategists from the countries were all furious, especially the representatives whose soldiers were all dead, and whose bodies were still in the hands of the enemy. It would be an embarrassment if they were not able to bring them home!

It was one thing if they could not exterminate the enemy, but another if they couldn’t even bring the remains of the soldiers back to their home countries to be buried. It would be a shame if others knew about this and no one could escape the blame.

The representatives of the countries and military experts expressed their uncompromising determination to fight these mercenaries to the end.

However, since the strongest special forces teams were gone, what could they use against the Deviant Mercenaries now?

This was a difficult question.

They pressured the remaining elite soldiers of the four countries as they said, “Listen, this is not just a matter of onBritain Nation, but a common question our alliance faces. So many soldiers have been sacrificed, and the outlaws are still out there. Right now, the only armed forces we can use and rely on is the rest of you 110 elite soldiers! I hope we can fight together for this alliance and exterminate the enemy!”

However, those special forces soldiers from the four countries offstage didn’t speak up. The representative of the M Nation looked at the other representatives from the other four countries, who coughed as they said, “I think this matter needs to be evaluated in a calm manner.”

The M Nation and those other powerful countries who had lost their men were displeased. “Don’t forget that this mission is not over.”

The representative from the other four countries replied, “We are willing to withdraw from this tournament! We’re not going to win the championship based on points anyway.”

“We’ll withdraw too.”

“Us as well.”

All four countries declared their withdrawal from the tournament.

The officials from those powerful countries were speechless.

“You know what the enemy is doing right? They’re violating and trampling on the dignity of every citizen of our countries! Are you going to step down without a fight when all of our soldiers have died?” a commander from the M Nation questioned.

The X Nation’s commander pointed at the M Nation and scolded, “This tournament ended from the moment your M Nation team was defeated. We will not be used as your weapon. Do you want to turn this place into a complete hell before you are satisfied? It is common knowledge that you, the M Nation, have been thinking about this place for a long time, and you can’t inflame the public opinion of the rest of the world being one country, so please don’t bring other countries to the table. I’m telling you, don’t think of us as fools. We know that the M Nation started this tournament!”

Having said that, the X Nation was the first to withdraw from the tournament.

The other countries were also withdrawing from the tournament because they felt that the United States of America may want to take this opportunity to make things difficult for the four countries and then justify the presence of troops to avenge the soldiers and sweep the area.

The M Nation commanders were furious from embarrassment, but there was nothing they could do since the other countries did not buy into it. So they turned to the other countries who had also been defeated and asked. “What about you? We can join forces! R Nation, aren’t you guys always straightforward? How about everyone in this together this time?”

The R Nation sneered. “Sorry, we’re not bandits, a drill is a drill. We can’t learn to become as shameless as you. Forgive us, we almost fell into your trap but they’re right; we have supervisory rights, so you’d better give up on that idea. We’ll pay the ransom to bring the bodies of our soldiers back.”

With that said, the R Nation people walked away.

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