Chapter 604: Regret (Part Two)

The other G Nation and Great Britain, who were like the M Nation’s sidekicks, felt that there was no way to have a pleasant time since nobody was happy.

So the M Nation’s little plan did not work.

The group of military strategists thought that if they could really occupy the high ground in public opinion, then the higher up wouldn’t ask them for their resignation. After all, this was also considered a chance to get a full-scale troop stationed in the Land of Mercenaries, but now that the plan had been destroyed, they suddenly didn’t know how to save their political careers.

Then, one of them suddenly said, “I have an idea, we can just let the beast take down the baset.”

“What do you mean?”

“I remember this area of the Deviant Mercenaries belonged to the Dragon Clan, right? Why don’t we pressure them, or provoke them to take down the Deviant Corp? If the Dragons can’t solve it, then we can call Kush! As long as we, the M Nation, promise that this territory will belong to him, perhaps he’ll work his *ss off for us?”

“Right.” The other commanders were pleasantly surprised. They wouldn’t have to return home looking bad or be imprisoned if they could eliminate the Deviant Corp.

“We should go talk to the dragons!”

“And the cost? There has to be cost, right?”

“Isn’t that simple? These Huaxia people must all be on the Huaxia’s wanted list. As long as we give them the green card of the M Nation and offer them political asylum if necessary as well as allow their future children to come to the M Nation as citizens, I don’t think anyone would refuse.”

“Good idea! I think this solution will work.”

The other commanders all agreed that since their plan to use the oppression of thBritain Nations to get garrison rights didn’t work out, then the second option would be to fight the Deviant to the death!

The news about the 10-nations special forces competition failing and the miserable loss of their teams spread and stirred up a huge discussion in the Land of Mercenaries for some time. No one had expected that an unknown organization would actually cause the special forces of several powerful countries to suffer a loss and humiliate them at the same time. The Deviant Mercenary Corp had indeed made a name for itself!

The soldiers who had previously left the mountainous area were waiting for the news of the Deviant Corp’s defeat, but it never came.  

When they thought that the information was not timely, the news of how five countries out of the nine were eliminated by the Deviant Corp was announced, shocking everyone.

The five captains who left and hid in a cave hadn’t spoken at all since they were terrified!

A subordinate suddenly panicked and said, “What should we do? Now we’re no longer with the Deviant Corp; they’re not our own people, but enemies! Let’s get out of the area, shall we? The Deviant boss is way more terrifying compared to the other mercenary forces!”

No one would forget Xu Cheng’s terrifying methods, and their bodies shivered when they recalled what he did.

“Impossible!” At this point, several captains were shaking their heads in disbelief. “Impossible, a 9-nation alliance, amongst which were the G Nation, I Nation, Britain Nation, R Nation, and the I Nation, the five most powerful countries, and the soldiers were all exterminated? How strong is that man?”

A captain said quietly, “Maybe he’ll be the next Kush! He’s mysterious and his strength is even more immeasurable. We were very, very wrong!”

They all hung their heads and sighed. “Retreat. Leave the area and hide as far away as we can. There’s simply no room for confrontation. Regardless of the outcome this time, he will become a legendary mercenary!”

“Sigh. We missed an opportunity that could have changed our lives.”

Some of them rolled up their sleeves, all of them revealing Deviant tattoos underneath, and they felt particularly ironic at the moment. If they were more firm, then perhaps this tattoo would have been their pride and glory!

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