Chapter 605: These Guys Are Crazy (Part One)

– The Deviant Corp’s Mountain Region –

Luo Yi, Li Wei, Zhang Xiu, and a total of 24 guys that had yet to awaken their powers were all resting on the empty ground and smoking.

In front of them, Mario, Chekov, Vala, and Diesel, the four of them were moving around and testing their skills. Even when they were walking, it seemed like they were walking on cloud nine.

In Vala’s words, it even felt different when they walked!

It made the other 24 guys super envious. They had been discovering their new power all night but made no progress.

Lin Dong was even more miserable. His physique wasn’t even close to being on the same level as the others, and he directly passed out during the process. It was still unclear whether his body really integrated with the new gene or not.

He was also the most depressed one, crying on the sentry tower alone.

Luo Yi shifted his gaze away from Lin Dong and saw Mario trampling past them like an elephant, raising the dust as well and causing them to cough like crazy.

Zhang Xiu pulled up some weed, threw it over, and snorted, “Look at that smug azz! He was never like this in front of me in the past, because he knew I would discipline him with some Kung Fu. But now, why do I feel the urge to stick my foot up his azz getting stronger and stronger?!”

Li Wei puffed out a cloud of smoke. “Not happy? Then go and say that to his face.”

Zhang Xiu: “Don’t force me. You think I don’t dare?”

Li Wei: “Then do it.”

Zhang Xiu looked at the wall next to them and suddenly changed the topic. “Say, if I run into that wall, can I force out my potential superpower?”

Everyone else cheered him on. “Good idea, give it a try!”

Zhang Xiu snorted. “I know you guys don’t have good intentions. Besides, Boss already said, in the future, if we get injured in the heart or brain, he won’t be able to save us. So, I ain’t stupid!”

The other guys snorted. 

Luo Yi saw that one of the 15 soldiers that stayed behind was covered in bandages with bruises all over his face. He was a bit puzzled and asked, “Murich, what happened to you?”

Murich let out a sigh and said, “I wanted to try Vala’s method, so I asked Mario to beat me up all night.”

The others expressed their condolences.

“You are pretty stupid too. You know how angry he was to be injured by Vala last night, he obviously had some pent-up anger and was looking for a place to vent, and yet you begged to be the target. Come on man, be a bit smarter in the future.”

Luo Yi then thought of something and continued, “Didn’t Boss give you some more serum?”

Murich: “Yeah he did, but I didn’t want to use it. I want to save it for later when I need it to save my life. As for these injuries, I will be fine after a few days.”

The others were all speechless. “This guy…”

At this time, Chekov, who was basking in the sun, suddenly said, “Oh yeah, Zhang Xiu, I heard you trash-talking me earlier. My ability can allow me to lock my attention onto anything around me, and also give me some sound feedback.”

Zhang Xiu was furious. “You think you are a big shot now huh? Just that superpower of yours? Do you believe that I can still kick your azz?”

Chekov’s ability indeed didn’t improve his melee combat strength, as it only enhanced his sniping and scouting abilities.

But when Chekov heard Zhang Xiu’s words, he wasn’t scared, instead just laughing and saying, “If you got the balls, you can give it a try.”

Zhang Xiu tossed his cigarette butt to the side and stood up and was prepared to go, but who knew Mario would suddenly step forward and stand in front of Chekov. Zhang Xiu immediately returned to the flaccid pen15 state. “Mario, what’s the meaning of this?”

Mario said, “I’ve already signed a pact with Chekov. In the future, we will fight in combination. I will take care of the enemies close to him, and he will snipe down the enemies in the distance. Our skills will complement each other, making us a perfect duo!”

Zhang Xiu pointed at Mario’s nose and said, “Let me tell you, just you wait until I awaken my power! I will just fack you up every single day.”

Mario: “Why wait, why not just now?”

Zhang Xiu: “Don’t poke the dragon, Mario.”

The crowd behind them immediately cheered them on, “Zhang Xiu, fack him up!”

Zhang Xiu pretended to not be scared at all as he yelled right back at Mario, “Just facking remember what you said today!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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