Chapter 605: These Guys Are Crazy (Part Two)

Then, he turned around shamelessly, picked up the unfinished cigarette he just threw onto the ground, squatted down, and continued smoking.

Chekov lazily closed his eyes and continued to bask in the sun as he hummed, “P-ssy.”

Zhang Xiu glared at him, but he couldn’t do anything.

And just then, the people around him all said in unison, “P-ssy.”

Zhang Xiu was between laughter and tears. “Yes, I am a big p-ssy now, you guys aren’t? Who has the balls to go challenge our boss?”

The other people immediately quieted down as a crow flew over them.

Just then, Lin Dong on the sentry tower suddenly shouted, “There are envoys of different nations approaching with their flags. They seem to want to talk.”

Luo Yi got up and went to the gate, and he saw many cars outside. They stopped at the foot of the mountain, not coming up since they knew there were mines. They just shouted with a speaker from where they were, “We are here to redeem the bodies of our soldiers.”

Xu Cheng poked his head out of the window and said to Luo Yi, “Tell them to bring over the cash, and no weapons are allowed in our territory. Tell them to send some laborers and cars up to drag the corpses away.”

Luo YI nodded and went down the mountain to negotiate, and they all agreed. As the defeated side, they dropped their arrogance and accepted the Deviant Corp’s conditions in order to recover their soldiers’ bodies.

The G Nation, I Nation, R Nation, and Britain’s representatives all came over and retrieved their soldiers’ bodies.

When settling the money, R Nation Polar Bear’s representative said to Xu Cheng at the office, “I can exchange a piece of information for a portion of the ransom.”

Xu Cheng: “Not interested. I just need money to feed my bros.”

The Polar Bear representative: “After you hear it, you will know if it’s worth it or not. I’m afraid the M Nation won’t give up this easily. We obviously want to wipe you out too, but we won’t resort to such despicable means. We will be back! If not this year, then next year! There will always be warriors that come to avenge the martyrs!”

Xu Cheng: “I suggest you don’t. I don’t want the best soldiers you train every year to just come and die in vain.”

The Polar Bear’s representative: “You are very arrogant.”

Xu Cheng: “Thanks. It’s a jungle out here, so the weak would only get eaten.”

The Polar Bear’s representative put on his hat and was about to walk out of the office, but he couldn’t help but turn around and say, “The M Nation’s representative is going to the top mercenary group of your region. You can prepare yourself for what comes next. I don’t want you to die too early. Next year, we will personally kill you!”

“I won’t see you on your way out.” Xu Cheng smiled. 

After sending those guys out, Luo Yi came to the office nervously and said, “Big Brother Cheng, looks like we still need to face the four behemoth clans.”

“No worries.” Xu Cheng said as he stored the cash into the vault, “It is about time for the boss of this region to give up the throne! The Ryong (Dragon) Clan! Even if they don’t come to find me, I would go look for them! I never planned on leaving the descendants of the Ryong Family alive.”

Then, Xu Cheng walked out and said to the bros, “Since the M Nation doesn’t plan on coming, then let’s just burn the corpses!”

Mario nodded and began pouring oil onto the corpses, and then lighted them up.

The representatives from other nations were on their way out as they saw this scene, and they couldn’t help but exclaim, “These madmen, they really dare to do anything.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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