Chapter 606. Invite the Deviant Corp’s Leader Over (Part One)

The Dragon Clan’s territory was in an area with mountains and lakes. After all, they were people of Huaxia who were quite particular about Fengshui.

The entire mountain of forests was not in any way smaller than the old territory of the Dragon Clan. It was quite a unique landmark in the Land of Mercenaries with houses surrounded by coconut trees. They were the four richest mercenary groups in the Land of Mercenaries, so the facilities were all so luxurious that it would be considered a rich men’s paradise.

The sudden visit of the M Nation commander did not surprise them as the leader of the Dragon Clan had heard about the surprise during their military drill because it happened right under their watch, involving that Deviant Mercenary Corp that went unnoticed by at first.

The commanders were brought to a garden with a pond and bamboo growing around it, where the head of the Dragon Clan had been waiting. He stood up to greet them and they shook hands with one another.

“Rare guest, rare guest, I wonder what brings you here?”

The five commanders took off their hats and sat down onto the chairs as they said, “Long story short, we need you to exterminate the Deviant Corp. We can provide you with whatever you want. You know we can’t send troops to be stationed here so even if we send another company of soldiers over, the results would be the same. The Special Forces teams from five countries were exterminated this time, so unless we use missiles or tanks, it would be otherwise difficult to take them down. But we know that in the Land of Mercenaries, there’s a food chain. Let’s make a deal; as long as you help us take out and exterminate the Deviants, it would be considered to be the perfect ending for this tournament. Otherwise, it would be difficult for us to go back and give a report.”

The leader of the Dragon Clan calmly poured tea for everyone as he said, “Frankly speaking, we know very little about this Deviant Mercenary Corp. Recently, they first picked on the Falcon Clan, then absorbed the Cobra Clan under their group, and then exterminated the Wild Wolf Mercenaries.  All of these indicate that they aren’t weak. We do not have any conflict nor resentment with them, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to deliberately try to suppress them. After all, this territory is so big that it can’t be handled by just one group of mercenaries. It would be nice to let more people take care of it as long as they are willing to pay the rental fees.  If we don’t have many mercenaries left in this territory and you want us to exterminate the only one left, it’s a bit inconsistent with our policy.”

“No.” The Chief Commander said, “Nowadays, the authority and reputation of the Deviant Corp even surpasses that of your Dragon Clan. Are you fine with that? Aren’t you afraid they’ll replace you?”

The leader of the Dragon Clan smiled. “That also requires them to have the ability first. We were born here, and we ruled this region for at least two decades. In terms of heritage, it’s really not something the Deviant Mercenaries can replace. Don’t try to provoke us because we can defeat them hard just in terms of the number of people and weapons we have. Besides, our financial resources would eventually consume them in a long-term war.”

The M Nation commander smacked his lips. “That means we can’t collaborate?”

The Dragon Clan Leader: “Not exactly. If you insist on doing so, we could. However, we would need a qualified identity to register an investment account in the M Nation.”

They had money and wanted to earn more money through investment. However, it was hard to invest when their identity was being watched by many countries.

The commanders quickly said, “That’s impossible, we don’t have that much power, and we’re not in charge of the investments in the first place.”

The Dragon Clan Leader:  “Then there’s no way. Please make your way back and don’t talk about collaborations without sincerity in the future.”

A few Dragon Clan mercenaries took out their guns as they came over to ask them to leave.

The commanders briefly discussed with one another and said hesitantly, “How about first you kill the Deviant’s boss to show us what you are capable of, then we’ll talk more about the collaboration.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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