Chapter 606. Invite the Deviant Corp’s Leader Over (Part Two)

The leader of the Dragon Clan said to his men, “Go and invite the leader of the Deviants Mercenary Corp over and tell him that I want to discuss a few things over with him.”

The subordinates nodded and walked out.

As long as this territory was still owned by the Dragon Clan and the Deviant Corp didn’t want to start a war, then the leader of the Deviant Corp must come over. If he disobeyed and didn’t come over, then that would mean they were having second thoughts, and such a subsidiary group must be exterminated!

Deviant Corp basecamp.

The twenty-four Deviant members whose abilities had not awakened yet were thinking about life every day, or rather, thinking about how to awaken their abilities.

Xu Cheng watched them as they tried various methods to find what the problem was.

He was also thinking about the gene fusion himself. There were too many genes in his body, so much that some he couldn’t even find, and he didn’t know what the fusion would make him into without realizing.

During this time, he had learned more or less about the genes and his own problems.

He found the root of the problem in terms of his penetrating vision, it seemed to come from the fusion of the three vision genes of bat, eagle, and cat. The extreme of the fusion gave him the ability to see through things with his eyes. It put him at a powerful advantage since he could simply use this to snipe out an enemy thousands of miles away!

There was also the power of the leaf ant that he could feel was gradually growing stronger. His explosive power was at 200 pounds before with the 50X power, and over time, his explosive power reached 300 pounds, and with the leaf ant’s 50X ability, the limit of his current explosive power and strength in all aspects can instantly soar to 15,000 pounds! Which meant that he now had 7.5 tons of force in one punch, and if he wanted to, he could punch through anything without harming himself with a layer of tortoise armor protection over his fist.

The power of his knuckles could crush anyone’s bones.

As for his tortoise armor, it was also another ability that Xu Cheng relied on that could block bullets and bombs. During the attack on the Murong Family, his tortoise armor once withstood a huge explosion and his body underneath only received a slight shock, which was enough to show that the defensive nature of the tortoise armor exceeded that of a bulletproof vest.

The pads of flesh growing out of his feet and palms were also practical in use, he wasn’t sure if it was from a cat or some other genetic fusion, but the pads helped him attach to a wall, and he could even hang upside down on a wall with no problem.

There was also his recently awakened Mantis Jump power, and with the cat’s instant explosive power and 50X leaf ant power together, he could leap up to a hundred meters in the air with a single jump. Although he couldn’t jump a thousand kilometers at a time like in fantasy stories, he could still jump 500 to 600 meters away, giving the enemy no chance to escape.

Even the fastest Bugatti car in the world would require two to three seconds of acceleration to reach a hundred meters, so Xu Cheng’s one jump was several times faster than a Bugatti sports car.

However, Xu Cheng was also aware of new abilities as he recently felt that with his increased proficiency in his X-ray and sonic wave abilities, and since both of them required concentration with his attention, it had caused him to further expand in his mentality.

His actual skills had become outstanding and he could feel that his spiritual power was broadening!

Maybe his ability to manipulate water molecules earlier came from his bursts of spiritual power and he was able to use telekinesis.    (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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