Chapter 607: Name of the man, the shadow of the tree (Part One)

Spiritual power!

This was a powerful field that Xu Cheng had just recently discovered!

Everyone had a spiritual power, and a strong spirit meant a strong mind. It could be expressed in someone’s gaze or vibe, similar to their aura.

Scientists have said that as long as one was thinking about a certain thing in their heart, and thought about accomplishing it all the time, then your mind will generate a powerful kind of driving force to let you complete it.

After a car accident, a frail mother saw that her child was under the car, and she desperately wanted to save her child. Despite her weak physique, she was able to lift the car and retrieve her baby due to the strength of her mind.

There was every indication that spiritual powers may one day become a weapon.

A hypnotist, for example, has spiritual powers strong enough to hypnotize a susceptible individual!

Xu Cheng put a spoon on the table as he got ready to test out if he indeed had any spiritual power to control it. However, Luo Yi opened the door and said to him, “The Dragon Clan is here.”

Xu Cheng walked out.

The people from the Dragon Clan came in a cart, and the baldie from last time also came and said to Xu Cheng in a straightforward manner, “Our leader wants to see you.”

Luo Yi next to him said, “Big Brother Cheng, I heard that the people from the M Nation didn’t leave the Land of Mercenaries yet and instead have gone to the Dragon Clan. I feel that this is a trap and it’s better not to go.”

“It’s not up to you whether you want to go or not!” The baldie heard Luo Yi’s words and sneered. “If you still want to be in this area, then you must abide by our rules. Do you understand what it means to be ruled under someone? If you don’t understand, I could shoot out a signal and we dragons will trample your place. Hurry up and get ready, we’re here to pick you up.”

Mario stepped forward and kicked the baldie flying.

The baldie slammed right into a wall and almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

“What the hell!”

Five or six of his subordinates immediately pulled out their guns and confronted Xu Cheng and the others, the people on Xu Cheng’s side also pulled out their guns and aimed at them.

Xu Cheng stared at this group of people and said, “Sorry. On my turf, it is better to follow my rules. Whoever wants to act in front of me, will have to get the agreement of my men. If you guys want to fight for your lives and don’t want to leave here alive, go ahead and shoot. Let’s see who dies quicker.”

The five soldiers from the Dragon Clan began to give in.

After climbing up with difficulty, the bald guy came over and lowered off all the guns of his subordinates, while looking at Xu Cheng. “Okay, if you have the guts, come with me to see our boss. If you don’t go, then our boss will come to see you. By that time, several hundred of our dragon elite will surround your place. There is a saying I want to tell you, it is easy to invite the gods and hard to send them away! Better think about it.”

“Whoever’s afraid is a fcking son of a btch!” Mario roared.

Xu Cheng raised his hand, and everyone put their guns away and Mario took a step back.

“Fine, I’ll go with you.” Xu Cheng said, “Since I dared to hit you, I dare to go with you to meet your boss.”

Having said that, he directly got into the armored vehicle.

Mario and the others also got into their own vehicles as they prepared to follow them over.

The other twenty or so members also got into the vehicle.

The baldie said to them, “Sorry, our boss only invited one person. This many of your people cannot go.”

Zhang Xiu: “Cut the f*cking crap, are you scared? We will be right outside your territory, and you will have half an hour. If our boss doesn’t come out in half an hour, we’ll make our way in!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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