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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 607.2

Chapter 607: Name of the man, the shadow of the tree (Part Two)

“Alright.” The baldie raised an eyebrow. “If you guys have that ability, yes! Come along and I’ll show you the true strength of the dragons.”

The baldie got into the car and started the engine as they raised the flag on their car’s flagpole.

Mario and the others also raised the Deviant Corp’s flag as they surrounded the baldie’s car in the middle to escort Xu Cheng.

Those independent mercenaries and horse bandits on the road saw the cars with their binoculars from afar and got excited. “There’s a flock of sheep coming our way!”

The horse bandits immediately came closer and when their chief saw the flags on the vehicles in the distance, he questioned, “This flag looks so familiar, which force is it from again? Should we do it?”

His subordinate also picked up a pair of binoculars to look over and he was surprised when the saw it was the Deviant Corp’s flags as he shouted, “Retreat! Hurry up and retreat! Do not block them!”

He whipped his horse and turned to run away; the others were surprised by his reaction but quickly followed his retreat as well.

The chief wondered, “What’s going on?”

“They’re the Deviant Mercenary Corp that’s been gaining popularity lately! They first eliminated the Falcon Clan, and then the Cobra Clan, the Wild Wolf Mercenaries, and finally the special forces teams from five nations! That’s their flag, and they’ve got their information up on the rankings in the Land of Mercenaries!”

Having heard him explain, the rest of the bandits swung their whips harder and the horses began running for their lives from the whips. It was as if they would die if they were chased by those armed vehicles.

The baldie saw those bandits’ actions and sneered. “See? This is our Dragon Division’s power; wherever our cars go, no one will stop us to ask for trouble. You foreign mercenaries better look at the situation carefully and don’t hit rocks with pebbles.”

“Not necessarily, right?” Chekhov chuckled with a sniper rifle in his hands. “How do you know they retreated because they saw your flag? Did you have a flag?”

The baldie froze and peeked over his head to see that the flag on the car had already been broken off by Chekhov’s shot at the flagpole, so the bandits really hadn’t noticed the Dragon’s flag.

The baldie was furious, but Chekhov pointed at his head with a sniper rifle, and Mario deliberately brought his car close to the baldie’s. He sat in the passenger seat while Chekhov peeked out the window of his car and put a gun to his head. He said to the baldie boldly, “Don’t play smart, I don’t know if my bullet can resist from blowing your head open.”

He then pointed at the driver and said, “Drive steadily, you won’t be able to afford making our boss uncomfortable.”

Xu Cheng smiled in the rear seats and was not nervous at all nor did he feel that he was a prey to be played with.

The baldie and his men were furious, but there was no way around it. The Deviant Corp had more people and if he was to be impulsive for a moment, they might all die on the road.

For the first time they felt so disrespected, and it was more like they were being intimidated into escorting people over here rather than them escorting them over.

It took them some time to arrive at the Dragon Clan’s territory.

Xu Cheng got out of the car and looked at this land of greenery from a distance, thinking that their mountain area was really like a slum compared to here.

“It’s not bad here,” Xu Cheng said to Luo Yi.

Luo Yi nodded. “Indeed, it’s really nice to still have these types of places in the Land of Mercenaries.”

Xu Cheng: “Then let’s find a way to turn this place into ours!”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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