Chapter 608. He’s the one who destroyed the Dragon Family (Part One)

The armed forces of the Dragon Clan rushed over and blocked Mario and the others’ vehicles.

The baldie felt much better once he got out of the car, and he looked at Chekhov and the others as he stuck up his middle finger and said, “Keep barking, let’s see who’s got more people eh.”

Mario really wanted to go over and just crush his head.

But Xu Cheng raised his hand, and nobody made a move.

A forty-year-old man with a scar on his face walked out with a crowd of people behind him, and he smiled at Xu Cheng as he said, “It’s so hard to not hear about the Deviant Corp in the Land of Mercenary recently. I’ve heard of Deviant’s leader for a long time, so I asked my men to invite you over. They didn’t act rudely, did they?”

Xu Cheng laughed and looked at the baldie as he then said to him, “Although you invited me over, why do I feel like your men were there to kidnap me?”

“Really?” The Dragon Clan’s leader pretended to be displeased as he looked over to the baldie and put on a show as he said, “How could you treat the Deviant Corp’s boss like that? Don’t you know that he took out 5 countries’ special forces teams for the sake of our Land of Mercenaries?”

It sounded a bit sarcastic as none of the Dragon Clan’s members quite believed that Xu Cheng had actually done it.

“An apology would not be necessary.” Xu Cheng said, “If he was under my lead, he would never behave rudely like today. I heard that the Dragon Clan is a deep-rooted mercenary group, so it is reasonable to say that he should know the rules and how to behave properly.”

The leader of the Dragon Clan looked like he prepared to listen. “Do you have any problem with us? Tell me about it, I’d like to learn how you manage people. too.”

“Then I won’t say anything and just teach you.”

Xu Cheng nodded and walked up to the baldie, suddenly grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up. The tension in the air suddenly heated up as all the guns aimed at Xu Cheng and his men.

The baldie couldn’t even catch his breath as his face flushed red and his feet were hanging in the air.

Xu Cheng’s hand still didn’t put the baldie down as he said smilingly, “Let me help you to teach your rude subordinate a lesson.”

With the sound of a click.

The baldie’s neck was directly snapped by Xu Cheng!

The sound was heard by everyone as the baldie’s eyes closed and his limbs dropped down dead.

Everyone on the Dragon Clan’s side was shocked.

Everyone, including the leader of the Dragon Clan, squinted their eyes and stared at Xu Cheng with complicated gazes.

After a moment of dead silence, the people on the Dragon Clan side were furious. “I’ll f*cking kill you with one shot!”

“Are you tired of living?!”

Xu Cheng didn’t take it seriously as he threw the baldie’s dead body onto the ground like trash and said to the Leader of the Dragon Clan, “As a hero to the Land of Mercenaries, he was disrespectful to me, so I wanted his life. It’s not too much, is it?”

The boss of the Dragon Clan narrowed his eyes and his stiffened expression suddenly cracked a smile. “Not too much, please do.”

He bet that Xu Cheng dared to kill the Dragon Clan in front of him, but would he dare to follow him into the Dragon Clan’s territory alone?

Xu Cheng actually stepped forward and walked in first.

The Dragon Clan’s leader didn’t think Xu Cheng would really dare to walk in and his followers quickly gathered around him after this happened and questioned, “Why not kill him with one shot? How would the others see our Dragon Clan after this?”

“Don’t worry, he’s on our territory anyway. There’s no stress in choosing how we kill him, right? Let’s let those commanders meet with him for a bit to vent their anger out first, and then we’ll avenge the baldie later. He walked into our trap today anyways.” the Dragon Clan’s leader said.

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