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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 608.2

Chapter 608. He’s the one who destroyed the Dragon Family (Part Two)

He looked at Mario and the others, feeling that they were all just useless as he sneered. “I wonder whether those special forces were useless or if they got ambushed. How could these people have the ability to take them all out? They look like professional mercenaries, so if they want to stay, it’s fine. Just chop off their boss’s head and return it to them once everything is finished here.”

After saying that, he walked in first.

His subordinates followed his footsteps while the other confronted Mario and the others gun to gun and did not let anyone at all.

Luo Yi leaned in and asked the keen-eared Chekhov, “Did you hear what they said?”

Chekhov nodded. “Heard it all.”

Luo Yi then asked, “What did they say? Is it a trap?”

Chekhov: “But I don’t understand Huaxia’s language!”

Everyone felt speechless.

Mario: “Cheksov, I think in order for our group to expand internationally, it’s necessary for you to further your studies in seven languages.”

 Chekhov: “Get lost, then it would be better to just kill me with a knife.”

Xu Cheng followed the Dragon Clan’s leader and arrived at the main hall of a villa. The door behind him closed once he sat down onto a chair.

Then from the backyard there was a constant stream of bearded and uniformed soldiers from the M Nation. A total of five of them came to sit down on the chair across from him and kept checking him out.

“You’re the leader of Deviant Corp?”

“It’s him, his men are still waiting outside,” the leader said to him and smiled. “I heard that you guys have a misunderstanding, I, as the boss of this territory, will be the peacemaker for once today and resolve your conflicts with each other.”

Xu Cheng folded his legs and looked at the five people across from him.

“Do you know who we are?” asked from the other one.

“I’m not blind enough to not read your uniforms and badges, am I? The sixth army division from the M Nation.”

The five commanders: “Then do you know what will happen if you are allowed to come over here today?”

Xu Cheng looked at the leader and asked, “What do you think the consequences will be?”

“Don’t look at me, I’m only responsible for calling you over today, what they want is none of my business.” The Dragon Clan’s leader looked like he couldn’t care less.

Xu Cheng played dumb. “Then I really don’t understand what you guys are doing, we are not just here to talk if you invite me over, right?”

The dragon clan’s leader laughed out sinisterly. “Of course not, you’ve killed my errand boy, how can we just talk about it? What do you think?”

The five commanders turned to the dragon’s leader and said, “Where are the bodies of our soldiers?”

“Burned them.” Xu Cheng was calm. “If you don’t come over to ransom, then I will naturally burn them, or what? Wait for a disease plague? It’s so dry here, I can’t hold it off for too long. Please understand. But if you guys really can’t understand, then I don’t really care too.” 

The five commanders narrowed their eyes and turned to the leader of the Dragon Clan. “Our cooperation can go on, give us this man to take back with us. I need you guys to do something to restrict his movements and I want all of his men killed!”

Meanwhile, the wealth manager of the Ryong Family (the family behind Dragon Clan) who once had a glimpse of Xu Cheng’s ability tried to get through crowds of soldiers outside. “Let me in, I have something important to say to the boss. It’s very important or something bad will happen inside!”

The soldiers had no choice but to let him go, and after he crawled and rushed into the main hall, he saw Xu Cheng’s face again, a face that he would never forget even if he was turned into ashes.

“Captain, he is the one who exterminated the Ryong Family!” He shouted to the leader of the Dragon Clan.

The Dragon Clan’s leader’s pupils constricted slightly having heard what he said.

Xu Cheng suddenly laughed out loud. “Oops. Someone actually recognized me. I knew that someone from the four Big Families would know I did it. So I was worried and I had to come over to take a look personally; it really looks like it’s time to sweep up again.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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