Chapter 609. Hand over the Dragon Clan’s Heir (Part One)

The Dragon Clan’s leader

pulled out a short sword from his chair’s armrest, and he flew towards Xu Cheng

as he aimed his sword at him.

Xu Cheng did not dodge, and when that short sword was about to stab him, his whole body shook with a force of 15000 pounds!

That short sword broke immediately.

The Dragon Clan’s leader flipped backwards as he pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Xu Cheng. “I would have guessed that a Huaxia man, with such a mysterious strength, must have been sent by the government. Is their plan to completely get rid of the four clans? You can exterminate the Ryong Family but may not be able to exterminate the Dragon Clan, because we are fully armed with weapons that would be enough to kill you hundreds of times.”

Xu Cheng looked around at the soldiers holding their guns and said in a loud voice, “I will only kill the ones surnamed Ryong, the rest can be spared from death. Whoever wants to protect the Ryong will also be killed! I’m giving you all a chance!”

He remembered that he forgot something, so he added, “Oh yes, I forgot there are these five foreigners from the M Nations. So today only those surnamed Ryong (Dragon) and these five foreigners must die. God can’t even come to stop me.”

“It’s hard enough to protect yourself, and you’re still in the mood to care about this?” The Dragon Clan’s leader pulled the trigger with a sneer. “After I finish you off, I’ll go ask the other three clans for the bounty. You don’t know, do you? The other three have been trying to kill you.”

“So, you’re saying there’s a bounty on me?” Xu Cheng was happy as he looked at Dragon Clan’s boss with interest and asked, “Then are you surprised that the Assassin Alliance isn’t taking your requests?”

The Dragon Clan’s leader sneered. “I know you’re strong, but even experts are afraid of gunshots. Are you this confident because you have a bomb strapped to your body?”

“I wouldn’t necessarily be confident even if there was a bomb on my body.” Xu Cheng smiled. “Haven’t you ever wondered why the Assassin Alliance, which has always been uncompromising to any power, compromised to me? I’ll tell you today why I have the power to destroy your whole family! Including all of you descendants of the Dragon Family, all of you will have to die!”

Xu Cheng stomped his foot on the ground.

The equivalent of nearly 8 tons of force vibrated the ground!

The roof started to shake as the floors cracked, and all the surrounding tables and chairs collapsed.

The soldiers stumbled to stand up straight, especially the five commanders sitting there, as their chairs crumbled to the ground and they were so shocked that they crawled outside on their four limbs.

Then, Xu Cheng flew right in front of him. The Dragon Clan’s leader tried to shoot but Xu Cheng slapped the gun away before he even pulled the trigger.

The Dragon Clan’s leader turned to swing his fists at Xu Cheng but Xu Cheng directly caught him by the wrists.

“Rank S+?” Xu Cheng sneered. “Even your SS Leader from the Dragon Family couldn’t do anything to me, so what do you think you can do?”

Xu Cheng’s fingertips closed together and pressed hard, accompanied by a scream from the Dragon Clan’s leader as his wrist bones and flesh were directly dislocated and crushed by Xu Cheng.

A group of more than a dozen soldiers behind him fired at Xu Cheng’s back, and Xu Cheng stomped his foot causing all those soldiers to fall to the ground.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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