Chapter 609. Hand over the Dragon Clan’s Heir (Part Two)

Tables and chairs were directly bounced up into air blocking some of the bullets.

Xu Cheng strangled the Dragon Clan’s leader’s neck with one hand and lifted him up high as he looked around at all the soldiers and scolded them, “If anyone dares to move, I will directly crush his head!”

Those soldiers who got back up were one by one shocked by what was in front of them, but their guns were still aiming at Xu Cheng ready to make some move.

The Dragon Clan’s leader knew the difference in strength between himself and Xu Cheng right after this encounter, so he was shocked as he shouted to the surrounding soldiers, “All of you, stop!”

– Outside –

Mario and the others knew something was going on when they heard gunshots coming from the inside and they all revealed eager faces, ready to go. However, they were surrounded by thirty soldiers who all had their guns pointed at them.

Mario sighed. “I’d f*cking love to go buy bulletproof glasses, preferably made to look like sunglasses, and just rush in.”

His current bulletproof vest couldn’t protect the area above his head, so he could still die from a bullet to the head. It was a weakness that also affected Vala, because although he could use the spikes on his hands as protection, his waist and head were still unprotected from injuries.

Mario looked at Vala anxiously, and Vala looked at Diesel while Diesel stared at Chekhov. However, Chekhov couldn’t just get in there either.

The remaining twenty-four members who’s abilities hadn’t been revealed yet all looked at the four of them with scorn in their eyes.

Especially Luo Yi, who’s eyes were clearly questioning what these four were waiting for. Just go!

Suddenly, they saw soldiers in pairs walking out carefully side by side, as they aimed all their guns at the man slowly coming out.

It was the Dragon Clan’s leader who was being carried by the neck in Xu Cheng’s hands.

More than four or five hundred soldiers surrounded them, and that was almost all the armed soldiers of the Dragon Clan. Mario and the others didn’t expect their boss to actually hold the leader of the Dragon Clan hostage!

They all went over to protect Xu Cheng and confronted the surrounding soldiers.

The face of the Dragon Clan’s boss, who was being held up, had become red as he looked at Xu Cheng. “If you kill me, you won’t survive. Your men will also die, so don’t do things you regret. Let me go and I can let you leave this place.”

“I never thought of leaving here.” Xu Cheng said indifferently, “I also don’t want to let you go.”

Saying that, Xu Cheng shouted to all the armed mercenaries around, “I came here today to kill those with the Ryong surname. This is my grudge against them, and you just have to hand it over them and I guarantee that nothing will happen to the rest of you.”

“You let our boss go.” Those soldiers across the street snapped, “Do you think you’ll be safe if you threaten him?”

Xu Cheng said to the surrounding men, “All of you stand behind me, when the shooting starts later, all of you have to hide towards the inside. There are five M Nation commanders inside; go and capture them. Don’t let them escape from the back of the mountain.”

Mario and the others nodded and slowly moved closer to him.

Xu Cheng said to the more than five hundred soldiers. “I will only give this chance once. Since you didn’t listen, then sorry, we have nothing more to talk about.”

Saying that, he strangled the Dragon Clan Leader’s neck and crushed it with a click.

The Dragon Clan’s leader suddenly stiffened with trembling limbs, then his whole body relaxed and sagged.

Those soldiers went crazy and all fired at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng’s men behind him all retreated inside, killing the few remaining soldiers inside as they did so.

Xu Cheng was in charge of the hundreds of soldiers outside the building. He protected his eyes with one hand and the showers of bullets rained on his body, turning his clothes to rags and shattered onto the ground.

He jumped up high and then smashed down like a cannonball aimed at an area with a dozen soldiers.

The 7 tons of force fell from a height of 100 meters, which was enough to smash anyone into a fleshy paste.


Xu Cheng dropped down into an area that turned into a crater five meters in diameter, filled with the bodies of soldiers that had been squashed or flattened.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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