Chapter 610: I’m Kush, For My Sake (Part One)

When Mario heard the roar, he couldn’t help but turn his head. He saw Xu Cheng had smashed dozens of soldiers into pulp like a cannonball, and where he stood had turned into a big crater. He smacked his lips and said, “Simply brutal and merciless! When will I be like this? I’ll f*cking fly up there and bring other people to do bungee jumping.”

Soldiers from the Dragon Clan rushed there quickly and fired their assault rifles at the crater as they ran.

But by the time they rushed over, Xu Cheng had already jumped back into the sky from where he was.

A captain yelled, “Spread out!”

It was too late, Xu Cheng descended from the sky just above their heads and smashed down towards the thirty soldiers that gathered below. The ground directly turned into a pit bigger and deeper than what it was before.

Xu Cheng then rose up into the sky again.

Those soldiers were simply going crazy.

When he rushed up into the air, they ran in fear, spreading away from each other as far as possible, but there were still people who ran less than ten meters before they were smashed to death by Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng blew away three or five of them after one punch and jumped another hundred meters from this side of the grass field to the other with a single leap.

He dropped down and kneed two soldiers, sending them flying, and then punched directly through their bodies. It was purely simple and violent!

In less than a few minutes, there were already four craters created on the ground, all of which were filled with blood coming out from the dying corpses lying around. The soldiers were completely out of formation as they tried to flee away from the scene, yet Xu Cheng continued to slaughter. He rushed towards a manager of the Dragon Clan’s members and was about to punch his head off when that guy shouted desperately, knowing that he couldn’t dodge. “We are willing to hand over the ones surnamed Ryong!”

Xu Cheng’s fist stopped five centimeters away from him, and the wind that his fist carried blasted the manager’s beard and hair, making it look as if he had been hit by a hurricane, even his face muscles were all shaken up.

He opened his eyes and saw that Xu Cheng’s fist had stopped in front of his eyelids. He swallowed his saliva and shouted to the surrounding soldiers, “We all fled here to live, since our lives are under threat, so why are we still protecting the Ryong Family? Let’s simply hand over all the ones surnamed Ryong and save our own lives.”

They were not stupid. When they realized that their strengths were not equal, just like the group of Cobra members who had left the Deviants, they all chose to leave because they thought their lives were put into greater danger than they already were.

One surviving soldier surnamed Ryong picked up a gun and pointed it at his own people, “You are mercenaries, you can only listen to your employers. We are not dead yet, how can you betray us? Even if you manage to escape today, will you be able to escape from the other three Clans?”

As soon as this person finished speaking, he saw a figure fall from the sky and smash down beside him, sending him flying.

Xu Cheng said to the same group of soldiers, “Whoever takes the initiative to kill those Ryongs now, I’ll let them go!”

As soon as his words dropped, more than thirty armed soldiers surnamed Ryong panicked as the other soldiers immediately aimed their guns at them!

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