Chapter 610: I’m Kush, For My Sakes (Part Two)

This soldier shouted towards Xu Cheng in a pleasing manner, “I killed one!”

The other soldiers panicked as they looked around anxiously in the crowd. They knew exactly which ones belonged to the Ryongs since the core leaders in the Dragon Clan were all direct descendants of the Ryong Family. 

This scared the ones who were surnamed Ryong and they held up their guns as they made the first move on the soldiers around them.

The thirty or so of the Ryong Family raised either their guns or daggers, killed the surrounding soldiers, and tried to quickly run away,

However, how would the soldiers who were trying to stay alive let them escape?

Xu Cheng spoke up again. “My words still count. As long as the ones surnamed Ryong are handed over, I can leave the rest of you out of trouble.”

His words were like a life-saving straw that they had to grab onto as they shot down those descendants of the Dragons.

Bang. Bang. Bang…

The sound of gunfire was continuous in the forest, and some of the Ryong Family descendants were also experts who managed to break through after taking out a dozen soldiers. However, they couldn’t help but to be outnumbered by the endless soldiers, and after a few minutes of resistance, they all fell down one by one.

A young heir of the Ryong Family spat blood all over his mouth and shouted madly at Xu Cheng, “Why do you want to kill all of the Ryong Family! Why! You wiped out our great clan, left us homeless, and won’t even spare us when we came over here!  You’re a monster! You shall die in vain!”

A soldier pointed his pistol at his head and was prepared to give him the final shot, but Xu Cheng suddenly jumped to the soldier’s side and moved his hand. He turned to crouch down and said to the remaining heir of the Ryong Family, “Why? I also want to ask why your Ryong Family wanted to exterminate my Xu Family? All those years, I lived carefully, like a stray dog, and you ask me why? Why can you simply destroy someone else’s family? From the time I decided to go against your Ryong Family, I’ve decided to stop being a good person. You want to ask why, eh? Go to hell and ask your family leader Ryong Xiao! Tell him that you don’t ever want to be a member of the Ryong Family in your next life.”

Having said that, Xu Cheng covered the heir’s head with one hand and bursted it like a watermelon!

The eyelids of the soldiers around him twitched at that scene and everyone stared at him, not daring to move as they were afraid that he would kill someone if he became upset.

Xu Cheng raised his eyebrows. “A surrender has to look like a surrender.”

Hundreds of soldiers uniformly threw away their guns as a sign of giving up resistance.

Dozens of soldiers inside the Dragon Clan’s territory were exterminated by the other twenty-eight Deviant members. Soon after, the five commanders were brought out, screaming miserably as they were dragged over.

“You bunch of outlaws, you will be sanctioned for doing this.”

Xu Cheng walked over to greet the five commanders as he asked with a smile. “Sanction? Under the laws of the M Nation? When you walk into the Land of Mercenaries, you should take life and death lightly. If you came here to display your power, then I’m sorry but you’ve come to the wrong place.”

The five commanders pretended to not be afraid as they said to Xu Cheng, “Let me tell you, we suffered heavy losses during this military drill. If even we, the commanders who are unarmed, are killed in it, do you know what that means? You dictators have rules too. You don’t kill POWs or unarmed people. You’re breaking the rules. We have requested Kush, the Lord of the Land of Mercenaries to shelter us and guarantee our lives. If you kill us, you will be sanctioned by the Continental Mercenary Group!”

As he said that, a militarized helicopter hovered in the sky and flew down.

The wind attracted the soldiers’ attention unconsciously as they looked at the logo on the helicopter.

The Continental Mercenary Group!

The doors slammed open as a man in his forties with a strong build and a heroic brow, walked off of the helicopter. He was wearing a tight leather uniform and had a cigar in his mouth as he shouted towards Xu Cheng. “I’m Kush. Do me a favor and let these five men.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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