Chapter 611: The Overlooked King (Part One)

Kush Adri.

A native from the Land of Mercenaries.

At the age of 9, his entire village was destroyed by war, and he walked out of the village alive carrying a broken gun in his hand. He joined countless mercenary groups that worked for various forces to stay alive, helped the armed forces to fight the native government, and was once a war machine for anyone with money to hire him.

It could be said that he was born for war; he organized rebellious alliances to overthrow the corrupted government and made himself the King in the Land of Mercenaries. In the peaceful modern days, he was the representative of the grassroot fairy tale, and almost half of his life was enough to be called fantastic, so many people liked to call him Kush, the King of War!

He loved to learn, and he would learn any skills that would help him in his way of life. He would get in contact with any criminal and had studied under many teachers to learn all kinds of skills from them. Over time, he learned from and exceeded all his teachers.

In this mercenary world where one could only rely on oneself, many of the new rising forces were actually walking his old path. Large and small forces had eliminated the hollow government structure to turn the situation of this land into what it was today. It could be said that in the Land of Mercenaries, no one wouldn’t do him a favor, otherwise he would not be called the King of Mercenaries!

He was the figurehead of the Land of Mercenaries, and it was entirely because of him that the Continental Mercenary Group could become the world’s top mercenary team.

So, in terms of influence, seniority and power, if Kush coughed, then everyone in the Land of Mercenaries would catch a cold.

Therefore, he was the only legendary level master in the Rankings at a very young age.

When he appeared, it would be a lie for Mario and the others who had been here for a few years to say that they weren’t afraid. Even though their abilities had been strengthened, the moment they saw Kush, there was a kind of awe in their hearts. It was his invisible suppressive aura and influence!

Xu Cheng did not expect Kush to appear, and to be honest, he had never seen Kush before. Although he had thought that he would take the stage one day, he did not expect it to be so soon to see him.

Kush’s appearance made the five commanders breathe a sigh of relief, Kush was no less than half of the king here, and he only lacked recognition from the United Nations. So, with his presence, they were more or less relieved to have someone behind their back.

Kush walked down and stood in front of Xu Cheng. He flicked his cigar and put one hand in his pocket as he looked at Xu Cheng and said, “I didn’t expect the recently famous Deviant Mercenary Corp’s leader to be so young. To be honest, you surprised me. I saw my old self in you. However, rules are rules, you cannot harm unarmed people. Let them go.”

Xu Cheng looked at Kush and didn’t have the slightest intention of backing down as he said, “Sometimes, the unarmed with brains are even scarier than the armed without. These five people are all wise commanders, they know how to play around the rules. I once gave them a chance to get out of here if they were defeated, but they didn’t listen, so I’m not to blame for killing them. If it was you, would you spare the people who are your enemies?”

“No!” Kush said bluntly, “But please get this straight! If you make it difficult for them, then I will treat it as you refusing to do me this favor!”

“Why should I do you a favor?” Xu Cheng asked. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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