Chapter 611: The Overlooked King (Part Two)

Kush laughed. “Look at this land, this world. The reason that there’s room for everyone to play is mostly because I abolished the useless government. I, Kush, am not invincible, but in the Land of Mercenaries, if I said I was, who will object?”

He looked around at everyone and no one made a sound nor had an objection.

He turned to look at Xu Cheng again and shrugged his shoulders. “If you don’t do me this favor, then you are against me. You just asked me if I would let go of someone who is an enemy to me? My answer is, no! If you don’t want to sour our relationship, then you’d better understand that I’m not discussing this with you, but that it’s an order. It’s best if you don’t exhaust my respect for you. Appreciate how I’m personally here to protect the five of them, that’s already a step down to show you enough respect.”

Xu Cheng laughed out loud.

He looked around at everyone, pacing back and forth as he said, “If you, Kush, are so invincible, then why don’t you dare to rule this land? It’s because you’re actually scared! You’re over forty years old, so you’re afraid that one wrong step would take away everything you have. Now everyone knows that these people come here every year to practice brutalizing and killing people in the Land of Mercenaries. You don’t try to stop these outsiders but instead, you only act tough to the people that reside on this land. With that, how invincible could you be? So you look forward to being their dog and are waiting for them to acknowledge how behaved you are?”

Kush’s eyes crinkled at the corners and his hands clenched into fists.

Mario saw his stance and subconsciously walked to Xu Cheng’s side so he could help  block an attack from the others.

“I’ll count to three, and if you don’t let them go after three, you’ll suffer the consequences.” Kush watched as Xu Cheng stared at him dead in the face.

Xu Cheng pulled a pistol directly from Chekhov’s waist and pointed it at a commander’s head as he said to Kush, “Count!”

Kush’s pupils constricted.

He didn’t believe Xu Cheng would do it.


Bang, bang!

Two shots fired, and two commanders fell to the ground with their heads directly pierced through by Xu Cheng’s two bullets!

The remaining three commanders were just in shock!

Including Kush himself, who was stunned!

Mario and the others were also stunned.

Holy, I’ve seen a man with guts, but never such a man

with this much guts. Xu Cheng

could manage to not wince at all in front of the King of Mercenaries. 

Those like Zhang Xiu who had heard of Kush’s legendary stories by ear, had never heard of anyone daring to question nor disobey Kush. In this Land of Mercenaries, everyone who was crossing by had to come over and worship him, or else they could die without even knowing why!

When they first met Xu Cheng, they felt that he was ruthless but courageous enough, and was also brave with brains. However, they didn’t expect him to be so bold that he would literally try to be the king of the jungle, so how could they, who are just animals at the bottom of the food chain not be shocked?

Kush tried to suppress Xu Cheng with his demeanor as he shouted in a deep voice, “Two!”

Bang, bang! Another two bullets fired, taking out the lives of two commanders.

The remaining commander-in-chief was so scared that he just peed his pants. His face was splattered with blood from his comrades’ heads and his brain went offline.

He kneeled in Kush’s direction, crying, “Don’t you count it, stop counting down.”

He then begged Xu Cheng for mercy, “Let me go, I’ll get out of here and go back to my country right now! Let me go.”

Kush’s expression turned ugly.

How could the king of the jungle who stood on the tip of the pyramid not be angry if suddenly one day, in his own territory, some animal started to worship a newcomer instead of him.

Xu Cheng said to that Commander-in-Chief, “You’re so manipulative that you still want to set me up before you die?”


Xu Cheng shot him in the head.

This Commander-in-Chief was using Kush to have to vent the rage of jealousy onto Xu Cheng. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have kneeled Xu Cheng. Begging for mercy was just one thing, but doing it to show Kush was another thing! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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