Chapter 612: I’ll Surprise You Even More (Part One)

Kush lived half of his life being a legend, so was he going to allow someone to disobey him in front of this many people?



He was only forty years old, and with rage, he punched directly towards Xu Cheng.

Mario originally wanted to block him, but Xu Cheng knew that the might of a SSS-rank master’s punch was not something that Mario, who was not yet a S-rank fighter, could defend against. He pulled Mario away. If Mario wasn’t there, he could actually get out of the way. However, he took on the punch this time as he was busy pulling Mario away.

His feet skidded and grazed the ground as he flew ten meters away from where he was to keep his balance and not fall down.

Xu Cheng’s internal organs were still vibrating, and he hadn’t felt any pain for a long time since his battle with the Little Joker.

Even bullets felt like mosquito bites when they hit his body, and he could only be harmed by those who were truly powerful from the inside out. His tortoise shell could block external forces, but not internal shock.

Kush was even more shocked than Xu Cheng, as he did not expect Xu Cheng to be able to withstand his power without stumbling or falling to the ground.

Xu Cheng stood in front of him and suddenly laughed.

“There are only five legendary grand masters in the world, so it’s hard to meet just one of them.  I’ll consider it my lucky day to have a fight with the youngest today.”

“Then I’ll let you know why there are only five legendary grand masters in the world and the others can’t squeeze into the ranks; it’s because our strength is the top,” Kush said as he rushed in front of Xu Cheng.

He rushed past Mario, bringing a cool breeze past Mario’s bald head.

“So damn fast!”

This time, Xu Cheng wasn’t going to dodge.

His 15000 pounds of strength directly confronted Kush.

Kush wasn’t as difficult to handle as the Little Joker, because the Little Joker knew a Huaxia style of internal martial arts and could borrow Xu Cheng’s overbearing power to use as his own. He could absorb most of Xu Cheng’s power, employing the so-called technique of using softness to conquer strength. That was why Xu Cheng was unable to beat the Little Joker at first and was completely suppressed by him. However, Kush was a simple and brutal guy who used strength, so how could he compare to Xu Cheng’s leaf ant power?


The two fists punched at each other and Kush was directly blown away.

No one thought that Xu Cheng would be able to counter Kush in a blink of an eye, and Kush’s body flew over as he was thrown into the grass.

His knuckles were oozing with blood, and he bounced up immediately after rolling for a few meters and stared at Xu Cheng in disbelief.

“Legendary grand master, don’t let me down!” Xu Cheng said as he walked towards him.


Kush’s expression revealed a

hint of excitement. “I really didn’t expect to meet a real grand master

here. I have doubts about your background and identity, who do you represent

behind the scenes?”

“Myself!” Xu Cheng said, “I’m here to do what you don’t dare to do. If the tiger no longer hunts with its teeth, then it might as well retire.”

“That also depends on whether you have the ability to take this throne!” Kush sneered, and then jumped over, aiming his knee at Xu Cheng’s abdomen.

Boom. Xu Cheng took his attack head on, stunning Kush, who then swung a fist at Xu Cheng’s face. Xu Cheng was directly thrown away from the inertia of his body and flew a few meters away. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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