Chapter 612: I’ll Surprise You Even More (Part Two)

But he immediately stood up like he was fine.

Kush said, “I have met a man who came out of the Shaolin Temple in Huaxia, and he told me that there is a kind of golden bell shield in a style of internal martial arts. He said that those who practice it to the extreme would become invulnerable to swords and spears, I guess I’ve witnessed it today.”

“But he also told me about the flaw in that internal martial arts,” Kush said as he suddenly flipped a dagger in his hand. He then swooshed past Xu Cheng like a shadow, and a few drops of blood dripped off the dagger’s blade.

Xu Cheng felt amazed when he saw that there was actually a blood trail at his arm that had been cut.

“Speed is the only invincible thing in the world of martial arts! That’s what the monk told me, that even the strongest shield can be cut through if you’re fast enough. It’s not because of how sharp the weapon is, but because of the wind! Speed generates wind, and in this world, even drops of water can penetrate a rock if given long enough time, and a powerful wind can cut through everything!”

At this point, Kush looked at Xu Cheng with interest in his eyes. “You really know very little about me. What I am good at is not strength, but speed. I was born here and dealt with guns and bullets since I was young, studying martial arts all my life. I’ve been thinking only about one thing, and that’s how to not be afraid of bullets and guns, so I try to be faster than a gun, as only then can I easily dodge the bullets.”

“Yeah?” Xu Cheng was fearless as he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, a powerful sonic system had appeared inside his brain, locking onto anyone in any area and their movements. Even their possible next steps could be forecasted in his superpower brain.

“Then how about enlighten me with your skills today?”

“Sure, I have never fought against the other four legendary grand masters in the Land of Mercenaries, so it is rare for me to meet someone who’s as strong as me. I guess today’s trip was not wasted.”

Having said that, he dashed over in front of Xu Cheng and raised his dagger, ready to slit Xu Cheng’s throat.

From the moment he dashed over, his motion had been detected by Xu Cheng’s sonic system, and as he swung the dagger high and stabbed down at Xu Cheng, he suddenly grabbed him by the wrist.

Kush realized that he wasn’t stabbing down because his movement was stopped, and when he turned his head, he was a little surprised to see that Xu Cheng had grabbed onto his hand.

“You could dodge a bullet with speed, but the way I dodge bullets is because I can see the bullets’ trajectories. Surprising, right?” Xu Cheng laughed, “I’ll surprise you even more!”

He flipped his wrist and threw the 200-pound Kush away as if he was throwing a sandbag with 15,000 pounds of force.

It was as if Kush had lost his gravity, and his entire body flew over and smashed into the woods. It took five or six trees with trunks over 20cm in diameter to stop the momentum.

By the time he was half crouching and thinking about how to find Xu Cheng’s weakness, Xu Cheng had already leaped into the sky.

It was as if he was riding a rocket as he leaped up into the sky like Iron Man, making Luo Yi and the others’ jaws drop.

One by one, their jaws dropped to the floor as Xu Cheng leaped up into the sky. Then in a curved route, Xu Cheng didn’t attack Kush, but smashed towards the armed helicopter that was hovering in the sky.

The helicopter lost its balance after its propeller was kicked off by Xu Cheng, swaying and smashing down from the sky.

Everyone at the scene was staggered.

“I think you might not be able to go back.” Xu Cheng grinned at Kush.

Kush tore apart his military jacket and vest, revealing his built body. “How can I sleep well tonight if I don’t kill you?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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