Chapter 613: No Winners (Part Two)

He was right.

He knew a person’s lethal point better than Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng’s ligaments were indeed ripped apart. Otherwise, he would have rushed over and fought with Kush.

Kush saw that Xu Cheng didn’t move, which was as he expected, so he now held his breath as he got ready to fight again and rushed towards Xu Cheng.

Chekhov fired at him, but the bullets were all dodged by Kush’s agility. Just like he said, as long as the bullets couldn’t track or turn to chase someone, then he would already be gone when a bullet was about to be shot out.

Xu Cheng clenched his hands into fists. He would only be put into a passive position if he dodged now, and since this guy wanted to see who’s body could endure more during the fight, he would let him have it.

Kush’s dagger spun towards Xu Cheng as he leapt up with the dagger that flew over, trying to distract Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng released both fists as the ground shook below his feet, and the fallen leaves around him rippled away with him.

When Kush’s flying dagger flew over, Xu Cheng chose to deal with the falling Kush first. He ignored the flying dagger and hammered both fists directly at Kush’s chest!

Meanwhile, Kush’s dagger lodged itself in Xu Cheng’s chest, but Xu Cheng had predicted his move, knowing that he was going to aim for his chest, so he turned slightly to avoid the dagger from stabbing him in the heart.

Kush was directly blown away by Xu Cheng’s punches and spat out a mouthful of blood violently.

A dagger had already penetrated one side of Xu Cheng’s chest and another one came in from the other side! The corners of his mouth leaked out blood, and he lost strength in the one leg that had its ligament ripped. But he then pulled two daggers out of the left and right sides of his chest by force!

“Ah!” He groaned in pain with sweat all over his face as he started to pull.

He seemed like he was going to fall onto the ground when he pulled the dagger out.

Meanwhile, Kush had been lying on the ground with blood spurting out from the corner of his mouth. He wasn’t dead yet, but it had been hard for him to even get up as he laid there looking up at the sky.

But he said to the Dragon Clan’s soldiers, “Finish him!”

The soldiers of the Dragon Clan didn’t dare to disobey, because if Kush died here, the Continental Mercenaries would trample their base into the ground.

As soon he said that, Luo Yi, Li Wei, and the others all ran over to protect Xu Cheng.

Mario: “Go! I’ll cover!”

The twenty-eight members of the Deviant Corp hurried to protect Xu Cheng. They were now in the same boat as Xu Cheng. If Xu Cheng died, they would lose the Deviant Corp’s pillar in the future, so Xu Cheng could not die. His existence meant that everything was possible, and if he died, who would be able to do his job and make new members follow him with their true heart? The Deviant Corp, that had just started their clan, could not lose their boss right now.

At least today’s battle showed that Xu Cheng was an existence on par with Kush. They only needed to ensure Xu Cheng’s safety, and in the future, the Deviant Corp would be on the same level as Kush’s Continental Mercenaries in the Land of Mercenaries.  Anyone could die today, but not Xu Cheng!

Mario covered Xu Cheng from the front while Luo Yi carried Xu Cheng directly towards the car.

Chekhov picked up his sniper rifle and fired at Kush, but one of the Dragon Clan’s soldiers jumped over and blocked the bullet for Kush with his own life.

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