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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 614.1

Chapter 614: We will survive it, and spring will blossom (Part One)

After Diesel killed the nearest few soldiers who came up, he, Vala, and Mario formed a line to block the front. Chekhov used his sniper rifle and fired a few consecutive headshots, making the Dragon Clan’s soldiers not dare to pursue any further.

The members of the Deviant Corp got onto the car as they shouted, “Go!”

Mario picked up Chekhov and threw him at the car. He then broke the engines of the other vehicles, so that they couldn’t chase them.

Diesel then threw a couple of bombs ahead of them, hitting the Dragon Clan’s soldiers directly in the distance, before he turned around and jumped into the vehicle, leaving the Dragon Clan’s territory with the rest of the Deviant Corp.

One of the remaining members of the Dragon Clan shouted, “Go over and report this to the other three families.”

In the car, Luo Yi and Li Wei were protecting Xu Cheng, and they anxiously asked him when they saw his face turning pale, “Big Brother Cheng, are you alright? Hang in there!”

He yelled at Zhang Xiu, who was driving outside, “Hurry up! He’s lost too much blood.”

Li Wei pressed down on Xu Cheng’s chest, trying to keep the blood from flowing out too much.

“Big Brother Cheng, hold on.” Suddenly, Li Wei remembered something and yelled at Murich, who was outside, “Murich, don’t you have a shot of medicine?”

Only then did Murich react, take out the medicine from his bag, and throw it over. “Catch.”

After Li Wei caught the medicine, he injected it into Xu Cheng’s body.

However, it did not have any effect.

Xu Cheng smiled bitterly and spoke with difficulty. “It’s useless, the medicine itself is a part of me. It’s useful for you guys but useless for me. Drive faster, Dong knows how to save me.”

 Li Wei and Luo Yi also nodded.

The tardigrade genes in Xu Cheng protected his heart, putting him in a dormant state.

When the car reached the base camp in a hurry, Li Wei jumped out of the car with Xu Cheng behind his back and rushed in yelling at Lin Dong. “Dong! Hurry, hurry up and save Big Brother Cheng!”

Lin Dong was at the back discussing some questions with Dr. Hawking when he heard a very urgent voice. He ran over and was shocked when he saw how pale Xu Cheng was and quickly rushed Li Wei to Xu Cheng’s bedroom in the basement.

 Xu Cheng was placed on the table when Lin Dong said to Li Wei, “You go out first.”

“Don’t you need help?” Li Wei asked anxiously.

“No need,” Lin Dong said as he knew that his master didn’t want some secrets to be known by everyone.

Such as the fact that his body could be healed by water!

Li Wei walked out of the basement and confronted Luo Yi before he walked out. A group of brothers waited outside for a long time.

“How was it? Is Boss all right?”

“We don’t know yet, Dong should have a way.” Li Wei said, “Everyone, listen. The Dragon Clan and the other three families are trying to form an alliance. Now that the Dragon Clan has been screwed over by us and the core of the Dragon Family have been killed, the other three families won’t just stand by and watch our boss survive this. We will face the craziest backlash tonight or in the next few days. The Continental Mercenaries might not leave us alone either, so right now it’s time for us to do something for the Deviant Corp! After we survive this, the Deviant Corp will surely have a place in the Land of Mercenaries in the future! Once Boss wakes up, it will be time for us to crush them, so I hope you all hold on!”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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