Chapter 614: We will survive it, and spring will blossom (Part Two)

Luo Yi also agreed, “That’s exactly right! In fact, the four families have a history with our boss, and there is a reason that we exterminated the Dragon Clan this time. The other three families will definitely not throw away their chances and will fight back like rabid dogs. I hope that you, as members of the Deviant Corp, will do something for this group, for our boss!”

Mario gritted his teeth. “The worst case is only death! I believe that as long as Boss is alive, he can save us; he once told us that unless we are completely necrotic, he would always have a way to bring us back to life. What else do we have to worry about after his words?”

Vala’s spikes grew right out of his arm and he said coldly, “I think we’ve been cowardly enough hiding behind Boss’s shoulders. It’s time to show those people what kind of existence we, the Deviant Corp, really are!”

Chekhov said, “If only we could all awaken to our abilities at this point!”

Zhang Xiu: “No matter if we wake up or not, this battle is inevitable. If we survive it, spring will blossom and good things will come! Whoever f*cking backs out right now, I’ll be the first to kill him!”

Diesel nodded. “Everyone, scatter around our campsite. We will prepare for the worst. I’m going to get the rest of those engineers to temporarily leave the area and go hide in the old Cobra camp.”

Zhang Xiu said, “You stay here. While the four of you who are capable stay here and protect Boss, I’ll take them elsewhere.”

Having said that, he walked out of the room and went to organize those engineers so that they could avoid the area for now. There were three other members who followed, and all of them put up the Deviant Corp flags on their car.  Nobody smart would be foolish enough to come and offend the Deviant Corp, and with the Deviant’s recent reputation, those who came to offend them would have to weigh out the consequences first.

After Hawking got into the car, he knew that something must have happened.

Because even during the most dangerous day he was aware of, when ten countries united to try to annihilate them, they weren’t in anywhere even close to as much panic as today. After the car engine started, he asked Zhang Xiu who was in the driver’s seat, “Did something happen to your boss?”

Zhang Xiu frowned, not wanting to talk about this topic for fear of leaking too much information.

“Even if you don’t say anything, I know something must have happened to him. If he was there, he wouldn’t be afraid of anyone and you wouldn’t move us somewhere else. Is he alright?” Hawking sighed and asked.

Zhang Xiu still didn’t say anything, and he drove for a long time before he said, “I don’t know yet, he’s still being rescued.”

Hawking snorted. “I told him a long time ago that the Land of Mercenaries is dangerous and that it’s not a playground, but he had to come without listening to me. Now, he hasn’t even fought with the King of Mercenaries yet, and there’s a problem already. It looks like he’s going to break his promise to me.”

Zhang Xiu retorted. “Before I met Boss, I also thought that this should be the hot-blooded life that a man should live, but after following him, we realized that what we used to do was all just playing house.  Also, he’s injured because he got into a fight with the King of Mercenaries, Kush, old man. If you look down on my boss and belittle him, I’ll shoot you in the head! We, the Deviant Corp, will not allow you, who knows nothing, to comment on our boss! He’ll definitely replace Kush in the future! I’m convinced of that.”

“He fought with Kush?” Hawking was taken aback.

“Yes.” Zhang Xiu said, “They were quite equal in force! I’m afraid Kush is in no better condition than Boss since he vomited blood as well. However, if Boss can get back up, then it will be the end of Kush! That’s only if we can make sure he’s safe tonight. Tonight, the Deviant Corp will be facing a series of attacks from half of the Land of Mercenaries!”

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