Chapter 615: Spider Web Venomous Zhang Xiu (Part One)

In the basement.

Lin Dong took out a wooden barrel and filled it up with water before he threw Xu Cheng into it.

Master had once said that if one day he was in danger, I should just throw him into water. Lin Dong and Xu Cheng had

spent all those days together in the laboratory, so he knew a little bit about

molecular biology.

For fear that Xu Cheng had lost too much blood, Luo Yi asked Lin Dong through the door. “Does Big Brother Cheng need a blood transfusion? All of us can donate some blood for it.”

Lin Dong shook his head and said, “Have you forgotten that our blood compositions are different already? Do any of you know what blood type you are? Master’s blood type is even more complicated, and there is no one among us whose blood can be used to treat him. It’s only his blood that can treat us.”

Having said that, Lin Dong closed the door and went back to monitor Xu Cheng.

Time passed bit by bit, and all the elite soldiers of the Murong family, Ye family, and Li family were sent out this way towards the Dragon Clan’s area. Then, they would need a day to reach the Deviant Corp’s territory.

That gave the Deviant Corp only one day to prepare.

The Continental Mercenaries were also in a mess. Kush was carried back to be resuscitated by private medics, and the two daggers that were owned only by Kush had broken apart.

The doctor looked at the two daggers and frowned.

The second and third heads of the Continental Mercenaries were wondering, “What kind of grandmaster did the boss encounter that could injure him so badly?”

“The grandmaster who wiped out the special forces of five countries!”

“Is the head of the Deviant Corp really that powerful? This is the most serious injury I’ve ever seen on Boss. This dagger is twenty years old and now it’s broken! How is he, Doc?”

The doctor sighed, “It’s hard to tell, his organs have all been displaced. HIs lungs and liver are injured, his heart has been affected, and it’s all internal injuries. All of his nerves are disordered so even if he wakes up in a bit, he won’t be able to fight. He will need a big surgical operation since the nerves and blood vessels are all tangled together, and myself alone can’t operate this surgery.”

The second-in-command narrowed his eyes at the Dragon Clan’s soldier who had brought Kush over and asked. “How badly was the enemy injured?”

“His foot and knee are ruined, and Mr. Kush used a dagger and stabbed him near the heart. He’s probably also in a critical condition.”

The second-in-command picked up the two daggers that had been broken, looking worried. “Boss spent a huge amount to craft a meteoroid into these daggers back then. These daggers had accompanied him for a long time and had cut through many things, and not even diamonds could have withstood this dagger. I did not expect it to be broken by some guy that just appeared out of the blue. What is the origin of this guy? Can you tell how old he is?”

“He looks like he’s under thirty.”

“What?” Several core executives of the Continental Mercenary Corp were taken aback. “Less than thirty years old? Are you sure about that? This is impossible, among the world’s five legendary grandmasters, there was one from Huaxia, who had single-handedly defeated the masters from eight countries during the invade, but he is now over a hundred years old and is probably long dead. Then there’s the Great Sword of Britain Nation who is also over seventy years old. Another one is Satan from District 5 who’s on par with the grandmaster from Huaxia, and then there is the Pope. So who the h*ll is this guy?”

“Whoever he is, according to today’s story, he must die if he’s not already dead!” At that moment, the other core members of the Continental Mercenary Corp said, “If Kush falls in the Land of Mercenaries, absolutely no one can replace him! It is also determined that no one can step on the boss’s corpse to get to the top, so that person must die!”

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