Chapter 616: Why Is the Whole World Against Me? (Part One)

Zhang Xiu returned to the camp as the other members were setting up mines and traps.

The two members who followed him said excitedly, “Zhang Xiu’s ability has awakened!”

The others were slightly surprised and came together. “Really? What’s your power.”

At this point, one’s ability awakening had a great effect on their defense and could improve their overall fighting strength.

Zhang Xiu looked at his finger and then pointed it at the corner of an area wall, releasing a sticky silk shot that stuck onto the wall forming a spider web.

Everyone was happy for a brief moment before they all looked a bit awkward.

Could this f*cking be used as a weapon?

No one else dared to say anything but Mario couldn’t help but chuckle. “What the f*ck can that do? What’s your range? Even if you had Spider-Man’s powers, there’s no buildings here for you to swing around on.”

He walked over and couldn’t resist touching the spider web.

Zhang Xiu wanted to stop him, but who knew that Mario would have already reached out to touch it.

Then, Mario’s entire face turned green and his body fell to the ground hard. His whole body became paralyzed, and he started to foam at the mouth.

“F*ck! It’s toxic!” The others reacted and rushed downstairs towards the basement to get the serum from Lin Dong, and then ran up to inject it into Mario, returning his face to its original color.

Mario had a frowne and said, “Fack my life! I’m already black enough, and now it turned me green.”

Zhang Xiu looked at him strangely. “You are basically asking to be treated like a lab rat when you are the first to stand out every time. I haven’t even had a chance to tell you not to touch anything and you did. Although my webs aren’t as strong as Spider-man, they are poisonous. So today we met a dozen independent mercenaries, and they were all poisoned to death. It seems the poison is absorbed through the skin.”

“Good stuff.” Duursen smiled. “That means you can sneak up on someone at night and you can secretly screw people over with this ability.”

Zhang Xiu shook his head, “I threw up a lot before and now I feel weak. It’s probably draining my energy and function; that’s why it doesn’t shoot out webs like it did before. It seems that I have to watch myself when I use it.”  

“That’s still better than us.” Luo Yi said, “You five all have superpowers now, and the 23 of us haven’t awakened any yet. What a hurry, the other three major mercenary groups are just a day’s journey away from us. The odds will be better if we can awaken as many as we can.”

The other members who hadn’t awakened their abilities yet kept their heads down and didn’t speak.

Mario quickly regained his liveliness, and he comforted the group, “Maybe this war will inspire everyone’s abilities too. Don’t be discouraged. Let’s pull ourselves together, and even if our abilities don’t awake, we’ll still get through this.”

The others nodded their heads and walked away one by one. Their fighting spirit was not affected by this, but rather the awakening of Zhang Xiu’s ability gave them more hope.

Mario came out sweating from detoxifying his entire body, and he ran over to take a shower.

Li Wei went to check up on Xu Cheng in the basement.

Lin Dong said to him, “The water in the bucket needs to be replaced and more water will be needed.”

Li Wei nodded and brought Luo Yi to fetch water.

Mario took a shower by the well. He put the bucket into the well with one hand, and when the water was full, he directly flung the bucket up while shaking just his wrist. The bucket flew into the air when he got it with one hand and poured towards his body.

Li Wei put the large wooden bucket down and said to Mario, “There’s not enough water in the basement for Big Brother Cheng.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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