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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 616.2

Chapter 616: Why Is the Whole World Against Me? (Part Two)

Mario nodded and filled the bucket that Xu Cheng used with water first.

Li Wei squatted down and wondered when his ability would come out. Luo Yi looked at him in confusion and said, “Don’t worry, Big Brother Cheng said that the appearance of one’s ability is only related to the integrity of the body absorbing the cellular genes. This kind of thing cannot be forced.”

Li Wei nodded. “I’m just curious what my ability will be.”

Luo Yi patted his shoulder, and when his hand touched Li Wei’s shoulder, he felt an electric current that scared him.

“F*ck.” Luo Yi withdrew his hand.

“What’s wrong?” Li Wei asked curiously.

“Your f*cking clothes’s got static electricity, eh?” Luo Yi laughed, “It just pricked my pores.” 

“Are you stupid? I’m wearing a linen-cotton fabric, not synthetic fiber. Where could the static electricity have come from?” Li Wei scowled at him. “Learn some common sense, okay?”

Luo Yi also froze for a moment and then went to touch Li Wei’s shoulder, feeling that this time there was no electric current.

“Was I just hallucinating?” Luo Yi muttered, though his arms didn’t retract yet from Li Wei’s shoulder when he heard Li Wei sigh, “I don’t know if we’ll be able to make it through tomorrow. I just hope that Big Brother Cheng will be fine.”

As he sighed, an electric current immediately erupted. Luo Yi, who was patting his shoulder, was in a state of shock as his pores expanded and his hair stood erect.

“Oh Sh*t!” Luo Yi jumped straight up like a fighting chicken.

When Li Wei saw that his friend was reacting like this, he frowned at him and asked, “Are you sick?”

“You’re the one who’s f*cking sick, you just had a huge electric current all over your body,” Luo Yi also said in surprise.

Li Wei was stunned, and then became a little happy. “But I didn’t feel it.”

“Don’t worry, try it slowly.” Luo Yi also told him to calm down. “Try touching something that conducts electricity.”

 “It’s conductive, eh?” Li Wei thought, “I’ll try with a metal rod.”

“Why get a metal rod, isn’t there water here? Water conducts electricity as well.” Luo Yi looked at him like he was looking at an idiot.

“Ohhh.” Li Wei had also become a little nervous and excited, so he felt that his IQ had dropped.

He squatted down and felt the water, then looked over at Mario who was fetching water  as he frowned. “You’re probably mistaken, right? There was no electricity since Mario can’t even feel it. He would feel the electricity if he’s wet.”

Luo Yi also squatted down and felt the water, finding nothing.

At that moment, Mario turned to the two and said, “The water is full, let’s carry it over. What are you two doing?”

Luo Yi looked at Mario and asked, “Did you feel a slight electric current?”

“I can feel a bit of wind, but where the hell is the electric current coming from? Is there a leak?” Mario wondered.

Li Wei was greatly disappointed. “I told you it’s not easy to awaken one’s abilities.”

He remembered that Luo Yi was upset when he had stung him earlier on, and he immediately said, “Don’t move, you just keep this mood and put your hand on the water to see.”

Luo Yi put his hands back into the water and this time, a powerful stinging electric shock surrounded the water, making it move like it’s boiling.

Then on the side, Mario started to twitch nonstop, pouring a big bucket of water down his body. After his hair puffed up like a lightning bolt had struck him and his eyes rolled up, Luo Yi finally realized and pushed Li Wei away.

Mario’s entire body was charre; he already had a dark skin tone, but now he was so darker that only his teeth could be seen.

He collapsed in the pool, and his whole body twitched randomly once in a while like a fish on shore that was about to die.

“Why…. is the whole world against me…” Mario glanced at Li Wei, the culprit behind this, and fainted right after. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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