Chapter 617: Another Crazy Ability (Part One)

“F*ck!” Luo Yi hurried over to help Mario, his whole body still had a current going through it so Luo Yi wrapped him in a layer of clean towels before he picked Mario up and ran over.

Mario, who had just been poisoned, was now vomiting white foam all over his burnt body. The gang wondered, “What’s wrong with him this time?”

Luo Yi smiled as he injected the serum he hadn’t used up earlier into Mario’s arm and said, “Li Wei’s ability has awakened, and he got electrocuted.”

The others laughed as they looked at Mario, who would never be able to become paler, and said, “Poor Mario.”

“Li Wei, hurry up and show us your ability.”

Li Wei stood still for a while and carried a bucket of water over to Lin Dong first before coming out to the crowd.

He said awkwardly, “I’m having a hard time controlling it right now.”

 “What kind of genetic ability do you have?” Curt asked curiously.

Li Wei said, “I just went to ask Little Dong. He knows which genes from which species were incorporated into the serum, and he said my ability is supposed to be like jellyfish.”

“Wow, a silent killer of the sea.” Someone whistled and said, “That’s a cool ability, the jellyfish could exert a maximum electric voltage of 800, which is enough to kill a cow.”

LI Wei nodded and stared at Mario, who had foam coming out of his mouth. “I felt that even if you didn’t say anything.”

Mario suddenly woke up and yelled, “What just happened to me? Am I all right? Have my powers awakened again? I feel as if I’ve been struck by lightning, and it ran through my whole body. Is it possible that my ability is about to get stronger since my awakening?”

Diesel glanced at him, “You’ve been hit by Li Wei’s ability. His power of the jellyfish awakened, and he can electrocute people instantly.”

“That’s weird.” Mario looked at his thick skin and said, “It’s not that I despise the jellyfish, but it’s just that I shouldn’t feel like that with my current body, right?”

“That’s why you must read more,” Chekov said. “Normal voltage can’t kill anyone at all, but the current is different. Imagine you are taking a bath, and your whole body is under the shower. Then, even the slightest current could kill you.”

Having said that, Lin Dong walked down after taking care of his Master Xu Cheng with a wire and a light bulb. He handed it to Li Wei and said, “Big Brother Li, come. Testing out your ability is the best way to master it.”

“Thanks Little Dong.” Li Wei gratefully received it.

He took the two wires, pinching one end with his thumb, and he noticed that the bulb flickered, indicating that there was electricity, but not enough voltage.

“That’s not going to work. You can’t screw up for the battle tomorrow,” Diesel said.

Li Wei also had a headache. “I’m not sure how to master it to a degree yet.”

Luo Yi:  “I think it should have something to do with your emotions, the current was strong when you were negative before. Just like a jellyfish that usually produces electricity only when it’s in danger or being attacked, maybe you need to use your anger.”

Li Wei nodded and decided to try.

Then he thought of something to make himself angry, but the light bulb was still only flickering on and off.

Mario couldn’t watch anymore and swung a punch right at Li Wei.

Li Wei was shocked, and that was when that light bulb exploded with a “bang.”

“It sure is the case.” Mario smacked his lips. “But then you can’t actively attack someone, eh? You have to let someone attack you to trigger this ability, so you will be forced to fight passively.  But the thing is, if someone’s gonna really shoot you, you would already be dead, how can you ever fight back?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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