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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 617.2

Chapter 617: Another Crazy Ability (Part Two)

Li Wei also felt troubled. “No, I need to find a way to research this.”

Having said that, he went to get a couple of tungsten light bulbs to replace the broken one and began studying his ability.

The other guys were all so envious looking at him. 

Dulson asked Lin Dong curiously, “Little Dong, do you know what gene the boss injected into me?”

Dulson asked Lin Dong curiously, “Little Dong, do you know what gene the boss injected into me?”

“I don’t know. You’ll have to wait until the ability shows,” Lin Dong explained.

That was when Curt shouted at Dulson from far away, “Hey, come on. Let’s go to the back of the hill and set up traps.”

“Oh, here we go.” After Dulson turned around, he took off running.

At this point, Dulson himself didn’t even realize that so many people were watching him run faster than a wild horse.

A bunch of people felt their jaws drop.

“Dulson! Wait a minute.” Diesel suddenly called out to Dulson.

When Dulson stopped, he realized he was already far away from his group of brothers.

“What for?”

“Try running over here again, faster.”

Dulson nodded, and as he ran back, he realized that something was weird as the wind swirled up all around him. It took him less than five seconds to get to the others who were 300 meters away.

Chekhov slapped himself on the head. “Wait a minute! I can’t believe I couldn’t keep up with you. Run again!”

Dulson sensed that this might be what he was capable of!

He stood up in excitement and immediately ran across the large playground.

Chekhov was getting more and more surprised. “Damn, I can’t catch him with my supersonic detection with that speed!”

Dulson was going faster and faster, so fast that all anyone could see was the shifting colors of his clothes, like a fast-moving car under neon lights at night, where they could only see the lights but not the car.

Everyone was stunned.

Everyone quickly looked at Lin Dong. “What kind of genetic ability is this, what the hell is this? F*ck, I can’t even see his speed with the naked eye.”

Mario asked Dulson, “Are you sure this is your fastest speed?”

Dulson said, “I don’t think so, I feel like I could be faster, but my eyes hurt, and the wind is too much for my eyes to handle.”

“F*ck!” It took Mario a long time to find a word for his feelings.

“Let me go check my teacher’s file,” Lin Dong said as he ran inside and came out again with an instruction book of his master’s genetic abilities, and he explained. “Dulson was probably injected with the genes of a fast-growing tiger beetle! It’s one of the fastest flying insects, and it can move its body 171 times per second, which means that he can shift himself 171 meters within one second. The Tiger Beetle’s speed allows it to eat all flying insects easily and slaughter them without effort. However, the consequences, as Dulson mentioned, since it’s similar to the speed of light, is that it could blind itself if unprotected.”

“What a fcking freak! I was wondering why I couldn’t capture him.” Cheksov said while  smacking his lips, “This is the fcking man that can race against bullets! Kush is weak in front of you Dulson!”

Dulson got excited.

He yelled, “Mario!”

Mario looked constipated. “What’s it again?”

Dulson: “You can f*ck me if you can catch me.”

Mario: “You’re like fcking light speed already, you can go fck yourself!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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