Chapter 618. The Army Is at Our Doorstep (Part One)

The group that had escaped from the Deviant Corp disbanded right away.

A captain with a group of fifteen people in total was intercepted by the mercenaries of the three major mercenary groups on the road.

The three major mercenary groups were looking around for the Deviant Corp’s basecamp; this area did not belong to them, so they did not know the exact location of the Deviant Corp. They also suspected that the Deviant Corp would take this opportunity to flee, so along the way, they intercepted anyone as long as the group was a suspicious size of more than ten rather than spare any chance of them escaping.

If necessary, they would even take action to exterminate these stragglers.

This group of ex-members from the Deviant Corp panicked when they saw the three major mercenary groups, and they quickly turned their horses away to escape. But how could they out run their opponents, who were in jeeps?

Plus, the horses were tired after traveling for some days, and having heard the gunfire, they panicked and threw the people off their backs. The other members would then have to turn around and save the people who fell off, causing all of them to be surrounded by the three major mercenary groups.

It was the heirs of the Murong Family, Li Family, and Ye Family who were leading this alliance.

They walked up to the front with smoke in their mouth and looked down at the fifteen ex-members of the Deviant Corp who had escaped, asking, “Which mercenary group are you from?”

One of the three mercenary clans’ subordinates pulled the captain’s collar and revealed a Cobra tattoo. “Sir, he should be a Cobra.”

“A Cobra? One of the top 20 mercenary groups in the league? Why are you guys running around?”

That captain didn’t say a word.

Murong Fu raised his eyebrows at the captain’s attitude.

His subordinate immediately kicked the captain over and pulled him up by his hair. “We’re asking you a question! Answer nicely if you don’t want to die.”

“Alright.” Murong Fu waved his hand. “This area of the Dragon Family was already the hardest hit area of this tournament, and with the joint siege of 10 countries, how could they not run? This area should also be taken over by us three mercenary groups in the future. You guys are locals around here after all, and if you want to submit to us, then we will give you the opportunity to manage this property. How’s that? If you’re willing, then take us to where the Deviant Corp is. Once we find it and exterminate this last area, this will be our world, and we’ll give you the chance to earn merits.”

His words surprised a few of them.

But as soon as that captain and a few others heard that they wanted to exterminate the Deviant Corp, they didn’t want to do it; this kind of backstabbing act was considered shameful in the mercenary world.

Because in this chaotic land, others hired you and gave you a living, and although being a mercenary was a life-risking job, the employee must not break some rules, one of which was betraying your boss. It was an equally shameful act for mercenaries to kill their boss, as such an act would put them in a more shameful situation than if they were to brutally kill women and kids.

One of the ex-members encouraged his captain when he saw him hesitate. “What are we waiting for? The three mercenary groups will eventually take over anyways in the foreseeable future.”

This was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Once the three major mercenary groups completely ruled at least two-thirds of the land of mercenaries, their influence would be even stronger than that of the Continental Mercenaries. By then, as long as there were no rebellions and they develop properly for a few years, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to eventually establish a nation for themselves. By then, what would be the point for them to resist? Just so they could be famous?

The captain suddenly said, “We don’t know of any Deviant Corp, we’ve escaped without contact since the tournament took place over the winter.”

Three of the other ex-members who were intending to flip over stared at their boss with their eyes widened.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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