Chapter 618. The Army Is at Our Doorstep (Part Two)

“We know!” These three immediately spoke up, “We know where it is.”

That captain glared at them, “Where’s your integrity?!”


Murong Fu blew the captain’s head off with a gunshot.

Blood splattered across the faces of those captured mercenaries who stared blankly at their dead captain.

His unclosed wide eyes stared at the three culprits who sold them out.

“Lead the way. Everyone has hardships and we are all on the same boat. There won’t be any Cobras or any other ones. There will only be the three mercenary groups.” Murong Fu smiled.

The three were so scared when they saw their captain die in front of them. But they pretended to be smiling as they got pulled into another van at the front.  

The rest of the others also successively got on the truck, and were considered to be on the same boat.

According to the address, they were now directly rushing to the basecamp without taking extra turns, saving them with more time.

The three members who were willing to lead the way said to the three mercenary groups, “The Deviant Corp’s territory is up there. If you want, I can explain their situation.”

Suddenly, one of the other 11 ex-members of the Deviant Corp pulled out a dagger and rushed towards the three. “I’ll f*cking kill you three traitors!”

After he stabbed a guy in the chest, he was finished off by the other mercenaries of the three major mercenary groups with a single shot.

Before he died, he said to the other ten brothers who were watching him, “Do you want to live like this?”

The ten ex-members gritted their teeth hard; the death of their captain in front of them had already ignited their anger, and they rushed up as they tried to take out the two remaining traitors.

One of them snatched the grenade directly from the waist of one of the mercenaries and pulled the pin before jumping towards Murong Fu, shouting, “I’ll f*cking trade your life for my life!”

Murong Fu was scared but luckily a brave mercenary pushed him out of the way and was killed by the explosion, saving Murong Fu’s life with his own.

The remaining nine ex-members went straight mad, grabbing their guns and aiming at the two traitors. They had been holding a grudge against the three traitors for getting the captain killed along the way.

Choosing to run away from the Deviant Corp made them feel like lousy people, but they never thought that they would become trash bags who betray their old bosses. So they couldn’t bear it anymore and would rather die than become such people.

The three ex-member traitors that led the way were all dead, and the riotous nine went crazy and took them out. After the guy who tried to die with Murong Fu was blown up, Murong Fu walked up to his dying corpse with his gun on his shoulder, while the ex-member was spurting blood all over his mouth.

“Trying to kill me, huh? I’ll let you die a clean death!”

This ex-member smiled deviously at him, tugging at his own arm that still bore the proud tattoo of the Deviant Corp as he said, “We are the Deviant Corp!”

He was then shot consecutively with an AK-47 by the annoyed Murong Fu. However, a breeze suddenly blew past them all and the gang felt a shadow shift across them. By the time they realized, the almost dead mercenary had suddenly disappeared from their sight!

On the mountain top, Lin Dong, who was watching everything with his binoculars said, “The good news is that Dulson saved a man, but the bad news is that the army is overwhelming, at least five hundred mercenaries in size!”

Having said that, he immediately came down as Dulson  reopened the door, carrying in the only remaining ex-member not killed by the three major mercenary clans. “Quick, his heart is still beating hard, can he live?”

Lin Dong led him and said, “Follow me.”

Luo Yi shouted, “Everyone get ready, they’re coming!”

The dark clouds shrouded the top of the mountain. Today would be a big battle for them, a fight without Xu Cheng at their side, therefore they could only play a defensive role.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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