Chapter 619: Engagement (Part One)  

Murong Fu, Li Pei, and Ye Wen were representatives of their clans.  

After they had reached an agreement, Murong Fu brought his men to surround the back side of the mountain.

Ye Wen was in charge of the front, leaving the rest of the sides to Li Pei.

Ye Wen said to the other two, “If possible, let the Ye Family have Xu Cheng because we want to get revenge for our clan!”

The other two families thought about it and agreed, as they also wanted to tear Xu Cheng apart.

500 soldiers sprang up and scattered as they swarmed towards the surroundings of the entire mountain area and then waited for the opportunity to move.

– Mountain top, inside the basement –

Xu Cheng, whose wounds had healed, was still submerged in the tub of water and was not awake yet, but his vitals and heartbeat had stabilized already.

Lin Dong said to Luo Yi from above, “Teacher has passed the critical stage.”

Luo Yi was in a good mood as he shouted to the people outside, “Our Boss has passed the critical period, everybody stop!”

The news was a big morale booster for all the deployed Deviant Corp members at the hilltop.

– Outside –

Li Wei looked at the dark cloudy sky and prayed, “Damnit God, hurry up and give me rain. Don’t wait for these people to rush up, or else it’ll be too late.”

It would be too much trouble for him to electrocute people one by one, and if he did try to do that, he would probably be killed as well.

There was a well just halfway up the mountain that provided water, but that water couldn’t be poured on a mass scale. Therefore, they were waiting for a rainstorm, and that would be when he could use his ability.

At the back of the hill, Kurt and the others, who had already prepared large rocks with various excavators, were hiding in the trenches and watching the situation below with binoculars; they had already laid out a tactic for rolling the rocks down.

Both sides of the mountain had mines planted in the ground, and this time, they were wireless without fuses, which meant that it would be difficult to prevent them from detonating. As long as someone climbed up, the Deviant Corp guys would be able to press a button to precisely blow up the selected area.

The commander-in-chief of tonight’s operation was Chekhov.

His sound waves could lock onto this small mountainous area, and any action of the enemy would be reported back to him. He would then be able to tell which side they were coming from, and report back to everyone to prepare.

Luo Yi also had seriousness written all over his face as he said to Durson, “I mean if we can’t win, then you need to carry Boss on your back and escape!”

Dulson didn’t say anything.

Diesel and the others nodded. “Nothing can happen to Boss. Luo Yi is right, if we can’t hold them off, you need to carry Boss and escape from here because you’re the fastest.”

His words dropped when sounds of rocket explosions came from all around; it seemed like the other side was using massive weapons.

Chekhov frowned. “They are detonating our mines. About fifty people on each side of the hill have already detonated our mines and are coming up. A four-sided attack is coming!”

He scolded in a low voice.

All of Diesel’s men had the helmets and bulletproof vests that were looted from the previous battle with the M Nation.

Mario lowered his helmet and stood straight at the main gate. Not far from him, in a hidden place, Chekhov was holding up a sniper rifle accompanied by a brother who hadn’t awakened his ability yet. He was in charge of changing ammunition for the sniper rifle and giving bullets to Chekov so he could shoot very consistently. If the enemy came up, Mario was in charge of guarding the gate and teaching them a lesson.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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