Chapter 619: Engagement (Part Two)

Anyhow, Ye Wen’s soldiers numbered 160 in size, which should still be within the acceptable range for Cheksov and Mario. If it was before, they probably would have been scared off with 50 people on the other side; but now, they didn’t feel panicked at all at the face of 150 people, but rather a little bit tempted to fight right away. This was the kind of confidence that their abilities gave them, a state of mind that understood the Deviant Corp members were different from the norm!

As Chekhov fired his first shot and killed one of the Ye Family soldiers. Mario who was guarding the gates said to him, “Leave a few for me, don’t kill them all.” 

Chekhov said, “Don’t worry, they’ll be too scared to come back up here, by then you could chase them out.”  

With that, he shot another soldier who had tried to sneak up on him, alerting the others with the gunshot.  

“Give me a quick dash!” Ye Wen saw two bros died, he waved and boosted their morale as he said, “Whoever can kill more people will be promoted right after this!”  

The saying that “there is always a brave man under a heavy reward” was right. Those mercenaries carried a long gun and rushed to the top of the hill, throwing a few grenades up from time to time. Fortunately the gate was strong enough to isolate the bombs from the outside.  

On the back side of the hill, Chekhov’s attention also did not rest, and he informed Kurt through the radio, “Your soldiers over there are coming up too, do it!”  

Kurt nodded and yelled to the other brothers, “Push the rocks!” 

Several others with excavators, shoved the previously piled rocks from the back of the mountain down the side.  

The rocks rumbled like a landslide, and the Li Family soldiers in the back thought it was an earthquake when they looked up!  

F*ck me! 

A pair of large rocks came tumbling down.   

“Duck!” Li Pei shouted, immediately looking for a concave place to lie down since once the rocks rolled in the protruding place, they would immediately bounce off from inertia and the people inside would be able to avoid it.  

But not everywhere that were protruding could be used as cover, there were dozens of soldiers who were directly smashed on the head or body, and their heads ruptured directly, or their chests would be smashed. One after the other, the big rocks relentlessly crushed over, leaving a pile of dead people.  

There were some clever soldiers, who threw explosives in advance at the rocks, shattering them into pieces. Then, they could either blow the rocks up or roll below it to escape. 

The hardest to deal with at the moment was probably the sides of the mountain, as the mined area was cleared up by them via explosions, which meant they could just advance up smoothly.   

Diesel and Vala temporarily carried paragliders on their bodies to fly over the heads of the soldiers on both sides. They all carried guns and fired a sudden burst of shots at the bottom to at least stop them from climbing.  

Some soldiers raised their guns up as well, and several holes were shot through the paraglider, which lost its balance due to air leaks. However, for these men who were genetically enhanced, as long as there was still a trace of resistance in the air, it would be enough for them to fall down. They quickly unlocked the paraglider after landing on the trees, and with extra guns and daggers, they were able to head to the back of the mountain.  

It was to keep the Murong mercenaries on both sides of the mountain from climbing up too smoothly. 

Diesel was dressed in a green leather military vest, blending in with the forest around him. He didn’t need a dagger as his Flesh Claws were sharper than metal, and he was able to climb the treetops like a cheetah to sneak up on the enemies one by one.  

Other than that, Vala’s ability was much simpler and rougher.

He had a lot of long spikes protecting his body, so he was not afraid of bullets. This time, with a bullet-proof vest and helmet set, in addition to protecting his face, he could directly see people’s weaknesses. Soldiers who were going to climb up suddenly heard screaming from below, and by the time they realized, their shooting became inaccurate due to distance. Even if they hit Vala’s body, it wouldn’t matter as long as their shots missed his face. They could only see how the soldiers below were killed by Vala’s breakthrough, and couldn’t care about what was uphill as they all rushed down.   

The two sides of the Deviant Corp were relieved a bit by Diesel and Vala’s ganks from the rear.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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