Chapter 620: Li Wei’s Ultimate Lightning Tactic (Part One)

Mario was sitting behind the gate feeling a bit sleepy as he muttered, “What a bunch of softies they are. There’s only a few of us at the top of this hill, and they’re coming up so carefully. I’ve been waiting for them for so long that I feel itchy.”

He looked to Chekhov and asked, “You fired 48 shots, so how many men did you take out?”

Chekhov kept on speaking as he said, “I’m not as powerful as Boss; my accuracy and prediction is not professional enough. 41 died, so over 80 percent.”

Mario was distraught, “So there are 100 people left? You have to save some for me.”

Chekhov didn’t bother with him and changed his gun, his assistant next to him immediately loading bullets into his sniper rifle. He had fun killing them, although his accuracy was indeed not as good as Xu Cheng’s since, in addition to their ultrasonic senses, Xu Cheng also had penetrating vision. Plus Chekhov’s ultrasonic feedback had a little delay, and his ability would have a bigger flaw if the enemy moved at a fast speed.

But it was enough. He managed to take out 41 soldiers with his 48 shots, and that had already made Ye Wen’s side become scrupulous, not daring to rush up too quickly.

The three mercenary clans had limited access to information about the Deviant Corp, and they didn’t know that there were actually only less than 30 people all together. If they knew, they wouldn’t have been this careful on their way up.

In addition to the fact that Chekhov’s gun took out over 40 people, which gave the illusion that there were many soldiers above them, and it was no wonder that Ye Wen had suddenly stopped rushing up. But the fact that they suddenly didn’t choose to charge up made Mario puzzled.

“I’ll go and help Diesel and Vala.”

Chekhov: “No, there will always be someone who escapes, and by then if they attack from the front side, then the other positions will be threatened.”

Durson also felt like he must do something. “I’ll go down and help Vala and Diesel, I can take out a lot of people with my speed.”

Luo Yi: “No, you are responsible for being in Boss’s room. If the situation becomes critical, follow what everyone has discussed before: take the Boss with you and leave immediately.”

Diesel and Vala saw them chasing but were unable to stop the soldiers from rushing up. They had already killed more than 30 each, but there were too many of them.

Diesel: “I’ve killed more than thirty on my side as best I can, and there are still more than fifty still trying to rush up.”

Vala: “My side as well, they should have gotten the signal that the front and back are hard to attack, so they are giving pressure from both sides.”

Luo Yi: “I will take the rest of the people from both sides to fight them head-on. We have bulletproof vests and helmets, so the killing force can be sharply reduced to a minimum. Our hearts are okay, but we must protect our heads, so the boss can save us if he needs to. We are not afraid, so let’s fight them.”

Having said that, Luo Yi brought Kurt and a dozen or so brothers who had not yet awakened into two streams, so they could confront them from the sides. This would relieve the pressure on Vala and Diesel to flank them from the rear.

Chekhov said at this time, “The mines shouldn’t have all exploded, detonate them.”

Luo Yi held a master control button in his hand and directly pressed down on it. The mines deployed on both sides of the mountain detonated, blowing out the sand and gravel debris, and those attacking soldiers squatted down one by one as Luo Yi and the others carried their guns and rushed down.

There was a rumbling sound and it started to drizzle.

Li Wei was excited. “More rain!”

The raindrops grew in density and the rain poured right down with the thunder.

Chekhov cursed, “S--t, the rain is interfering with my aim!”

“All right, now it’s my turn.” Li Wei was delighted as he yelled at Mario. “Mario, put on your raincoat and cover me. Follow me down.”

Mario rushed to the house to find a raincoat to put on himself, as long as the rain didn’t get on his skin and he had clothing insulators, then Li Wei wouldn’t electrocute him and he would be fine.

He shielded himself in front of Li Wei, who had electric current all over his body and as the rain poured down on him, the water carrying the electricity went underneath the soldiers’ feet who were also all drenched by the rain, and it struck them all through their bodies.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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