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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 620.2

Chapter 620: Li Wei’s Ultimate Lightning Tactic (Part Two)

There had been a heavy rainstorm, and since there were no lightning protection measures around, the lightning also seemed to directly resonate with Li Wei’s current as it blasted the soldiers who had been struck by Li Wei!

The lightning bombarded a few soldiers, searing them into charcoal, and the surrounding treetops directly caught on fire.

The lightning didn’t stop here, as a large rumbling from the sky crashed down on those soldiers. Li Wei saw this lightning, and a crazy idea flashed across his head as he ran straight over to catch the thunder!

He was going to endure it with his own body, but Mario sensed what he was doing and yelled, “Li Wei! No! The lightning is carrying hundreds of thousands of volts!”

But Li Wei had already gone to take in the lightning that fell from the sky, and for a moment, his limbs trembled and his mouth shuddered; he was also electrified, but he roared as he converted the lightning into an electric current beneath his feet. The current soared from a few hundred volts to ten million volts instantly.

What was the concept of ten million volts?

It was equivalent to a small power station, a thunderbolt could reach 100 million volts at its highest, but fortunately the thunderbolt that struck Li Wei was only carrying hundreds of thousands. This hundreds of thousands was still enough to surround half a mountain, and as long as there were rain soaked mercenaries, they would be directly electrocuted!

The front side of the mountain area and the sides were affected, leaving only the back side of the mountain intact; half of the mountain was instantly detonated by the electric current.

Both Diesel and Vala were unlucky as they were almost killed after being paralyzed by the powerful electric current, and they passed out.

Half of the invading soldiers were all electrocuted and died, Mario saw Li Wei was not in a good condition as his whole body was charred. So he directly used his huge body to bump Li Wei away, interrupting this terrifying act of using the force of nature to call upon lightning.

But Li Wei was already dying with his skin charred all over. No part of his body was intact, and even his hair was on fire.

Mario quickly carried him up and rushed to the rescue house at the top of the hill where Xu Cheng was.

“Little Dong! Save him!”

Lin Dong saw that Li Wei was completely charred and couldn’t even tell how he looked like.

“This son of a btch is so audacious! I’ve never seen anything like this in my fcking life. My God, it’s sick!”

Having said that, he remembered the others who were affected by the electric wave and rushed out the door. “I’ll go find the other brothers, you keep an eye on them.”

He crawled down the hill, and everywhere he went there were dead people. The scene was merciless and cruel!

After he found Diesel and Vala, he carried the two with one on each shoulder without any effort and ran up the hill. He then ran down the sides to look for Luo Yi and other people who had not yet awakened with their abilities and found that they were all in the same state, lying in the water. He didn’t know whether they were dead or alive, there was also electric current running through their body from time to time.

Mario was shocked. “From now on, Boss is the first one not be provoked, and Li Wei this son of a bi*ch is the second! He’s crazy!”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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