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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 621.1

Chapter 621: Awaken (Part One)

Not only did Li Wei kill all the soldiers in front and on both sides of the mountain with his electric current, he also hit his own people as well.

Luo Yi and the others who went separate ways to find those who had not yet awakened their powers all went into shock, not knowing if they were dead or alive. Only Chekhov and Mario were spared, and Mario was exhausted as he was responsible for going to the corpse-covered mountain to find their brothers and then carrying them back up to be treated.

Chekhov stood there alone and looked down at the hundred or so Murong Clan mercenaries as he yelled, “Li Wei knocked our own guys down as well. It’s too late, Mario, only the two of us are ready to fight. Durson, be ready to leave with the Boss at any time!”

Durson: “What about the others?”

Lin Dong: “I’ll save the others, I don’t know how many people I can wake up now, but Chekhov, you and Mario have to hold them off and give me some time.”

Mario: “Okay.”

– The basement – 

Lin Dong didn’t notice that the electric wave triggered by Li Wei had connected to Xu Cheng who was inside the bucket,

Xu Cheng was still recovering when several hundred thousand volts of electricity from the water suddenly hit him. This caused his whole body to withdraw and shake as his mouth wide opened, and the veins on his neck as well as his limbs popped up immediately.

Xu Cheng was struggling unconsciously in the water, and the electric current in the water struck him. Every time the current flickered and hit him, the current would directly penetrate into his body.

And every time it penetrated, Xu Cheng would feel as if his heart had been stabbed a thousand times. 

He couldn’t even scream, his throat was hoarse, and his hands wanted to struggle to climb out of the bucket, but the current froze his body, making it so painful that he couldn’t climb out at all. He was tempered by the electric current. Although his tortoise shell armor subconsciously exposed itself to protect his body, it actually had no effect as those hundreds of thousands of volts of voltage continued to almost suffocate him.

His eyes suddenly turned red and he stood up from the wooden bucket as his entire body was surrounded by electricity.

His head flashed back some memories of that year when he was on a mission with Luo Yi, and those scientists injected him with some genetic serum. He went into an unconscious state for a week, and during that period, he had completely overcome the pain and absorbed it.

He thought he would never be in this much pain again in his life, but this time, the pain was even worse, and he almost died completely.

Powerful electric currents were capable of killing cells, and the cells in Xu Cheng’s body that were protecting him were now being strangled in part by the electric current, which was the reason why he was in so much pain.

But Xu Cheng gritted his teeth when the current kept on hitting him, still holding on even though the corners of his mouth were leaking blood and his skin was scorched.

“I can’t die! I can’t die! Chuxue! Chuxue!”

Xu Cheng’s greatest source of strength at this time was from his wife, Lin Chuxue, who gave him the will to carry on.

In the past, he had dreamt of getting revenge for his father and the mother he had never met. He had resentment from the previous generation’s grudges, and his curiosity to understand his own origins had pushed him to survive that coma when the genes were initially injected into him, but right now, Lin Chuxue was his only mental support.

He muttered softly, his will power growing stronger and that desire for his life making his spirituality soar like never before. The water molecules in the bucket rapidly bubbled and crawled up his charred skin, and all those hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity that struck Xu Cheng were absorbed into his body!

After that, as the electricity in the bucket suddenly disappeared all around and was absorbed by Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng’s entire body was paralyzed like an almost-dead fish that was put into a bucket of water.

The water molecules in the bucket rolled around his flesh like crazy and formed a small whirlpool in the bucket.

This whirlpool spun faster as Xu Cheng’s spirituality increased, and even other things nearby started to shake.

When Xu Cheng suddenly opened his eyes in the water, an electric current flashed in his pupils.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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