Chapter 623: City at War (Part One)

The five of them: Luo Yi, Li Wei, Diesel, Vala, and Benjamin (the captain who detonated the bomb and tried to die with Murong Fu) woke up.

The sun was setting, and the metallic scent of blood hit them as they walked out of the treatment area.

Lin Dong was pouring wine onto the ground, which was a Huaxia ritual of paying respect to the dead.

After seeing them all wake up one after another, he burned the firewood as he asked, “Are you feeling okay?”

The five of them nodded as they looked at one another. “Is everything okay?”

Lin Dong nodded. “It’s fine, Teacher woke up and took Mario and the others over to kill them.”

Diesel quickly stood up, “Then let’s hurry over there as well.”

Suddenly, Luo Yi also saw how Lin Dong was paying respect to the dead, and after a slight hesitation, he asked, “Who… died?”  

The others were stunned.

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. “You five, plus Mario, Zhang Xiu, Chekhov, and Dulson are the only ones alive. The rest were all dead!”

Their pupils contracted. “What did you say!”

Lin Dong confirmed. “The other brothers are dead! Teacher said that there was nothing he could do to save them. He woke up too late, so he saved the four of you, whose abilities have awakened and are physically strong. As for the other brothers, they’re all dead!”

Li Wei narrowed his eyes. “How did they die?”

Lin Dong stared at him with a complex look and turned away, “They all died of gunshot wounds.”

Vala was busy asking. “Where’s Kurt?”

Lin Dong met his gaze and didn’t say anything, but Vala looked at the unspoken look in his eyes as he then took a few steps back in disbelief.

Lin Dong didn’t want them to spend this time in sorrow and quickly said, “Teacher said that the reshuffling of the Land of Mercenaries will be turbulent, you need to make sure you regain your strength before you can fight again.”

Diesel showed his claws, and Vala’s spikes appeared without affecting his overall strength.

Benjamin was the one who missed not becoming a true Deviant, and he was stunned to see it on the spot.

Diesel was an old comrade of his, so he said, “You’d better pretend you didn’t see anything.”

Benjamin nodded. “I’m grateful that you still saved me. In fact, most of the brothers who walked out regretted it, but I’m probably the only one who came back and survived.”

Lin Dong: “If you hadn’t made that last comment about you belonging to the Deviant Corp, maybe we wouldn’t have wanted to save you.”

Benjamin: “I know what I’m saying is useless right now, but I will say that the Deviant Corp is the last one I’ll ever call home.”

“Come on, it’s time for us to fight back to kill them. With all these dead brothers, I want to kill those bastards!” Diesel and Vala both got up angrily and went to find the car.

After getting in the car, Li Wei suddenly asked Vala, “How did you pass out?”

Vala said, “There was a huge surge of electricity, and then I was knocked unconscious.”

“So did I. I wondered what went wrong,” Diesel said.

Li Wei’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Luo Yi also seemed to understand something, and he looked at Lin Dong, who sighed and continued to drive.

Li Wei suddenly smashed his fist on the car seat, a grown man like him was actually crying as he looked out the car window at the setting sun.

“I didn’t know it was going to be like that.” He suddenly sobbed. “I just wanted to protect this place, protect everyone, even at the expense of myself. I didn’t think that I would survive acting as a conduit for that huge lightning bolt, I just thought I could kill those hundreds of people at the cost of my life, and then the chances of us successfully defending this place would be greater! I didn’t think that so many of my brothers would die because of me. “

Diesel and Vala finally realized that their dead brothers were not killed by gunshots.

Vala patted Li Wei’s shoulder. “Don’t be sad, didn’t Little Dong just say that? It’s not because of you.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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