Chapter 624: At the Limit (Part Two)

The artillery fire was coming in waves from all around, and there was no telling when the core members would be affected.

Kush sat in his wheelchair and looked up at the sky as cannons explode like fireworks; he used to be fascinated and loved the war, but now that they had hit them to the point of exhaustion, he smiled as he looked at the “fireworks” in the sky.

One of the soldiers saw a huge chunk of debris coming down and pushed Kush’s wheelchair away, sacrificing himself instead.

The other soldiers all protected Kush’s wheelchair while trying to retreat to safety.

However, they actually had no possibility of retreating at all, because the three armies had surrounded the building, and if they wanted to, the artillery fire would blast them in from all sides. The only way was to break out and carve a path through the enemy lines, that would require at least someone who wasn’t afraid and block the attack with their lives!

“Carry Boss and we will break it through. Those who are not afraid to die, go to the front. As long as we can break through this, the day when they perish will come soon! Give the boss some time and we will damn well kill these b*stards!” The third-in-command roared, as the fifth one directly kneeled in front of Kush’s wheelchair and carried him up.

Kush suddenly said in a weak tone, “It’s okay, just do as they say. I’ll choose to let you live.”

All of his loyal subordinates at the scene along with the soldiers struggling to resist the attack were stunned as if they were struck by lightning.

The second and third in command were even more confused.

Was this something their boss would say? Were these the words of the mercenary king who had fought against the dictator all his life?

He had accomplished overthrowing the incapable ruling party, inspiring other mercenaries to walk his path. When was it ever that he was the one to fall down at first?

Kush saw their expressions and smiled bitterly as he looked tired, weak and pale. “I’m afraid I’m the only one who knows how bad my injuries are, and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to lead you again!”

The second-in-command shook his head. “No! It’s just that the medical facilities here aren’t advanced enough. Boss, you can do it, hang in there! Once we escape here, we’ll take you to treatment, you’ll get back up, and we can all still make a comeback.”

Kush shook his head. “I didn’t think the Deviant Corp’s boss would be that powerful, and I was even more negligent by not foreseeing that the three major mercenary clans would join forces to take advantage of this opportunity to destroy us. They teamed up, and with their financial resources, they’ve been fighting us for three days in a continuous battle and our energy has basically depleted. I can’t do anything about it, the only thing I can do now is to keep you people who are following me safe.”

“We don’t need that!” Those people stubbornly said, “We are not like that, the Continental Mercenaries are not cowards!”

Outside, the people from the three mercenaries’ clans shouted, “Kush, we will give you one last chance! Are you going to trade your life and the territory of the Continentals Mercenaries for the lives of these brothers of yours, or are you all going to fight to the death? I’ll give you one minute, and after that, don’t blame the gunfire for being merciless!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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