Chapter 625: Need Kush (Part One)

– Outside –

Xu Cheng and the others looked at the battlefield that had reached the end of the line, and sighed. “The legendary life of the mercenary king, I never thought he would end up like this.”

Mario: “If he chooses to accept their offer, then I still admire him. Although he lost this war, he won the hearts and minds of the people. Besides, he couldn’t participate in this war in the first place.”

Zhang Xiu: “If he could fight, then there would be nothing for the three major mercenary clans. Those people have borrowed more money to raise their strength over the years, and they have stockpiled and prepared endless ammunition and arms to fight just for this day.”

Xu Cheng said, “This is the power of capitalism! Kush is powerful, but warfare is about money, and the four major mercenary clans were here earlier than he was and took possession of more oil fields early on to make a profit. By the time Kush replaced his predecessor, they had already used up all the oil field resources.”

Mario asked, “What do you think he’ll choose then, Boss?”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes. “I don’t know about him, but if I were in that situation, I would choose to bail you guys out.”

Mario said, “If it really comes to that, we don’t need you to bail us out. We would rather die in battle!”

Xu Cheng nodded. “If you guys are still treating me as the head of the group, obeying orders is your duty!”

That was right, Kush’s authority had always spoken for itself in the Continental Mercenaries, and since he had chosen to protect these remaining hundreds of brothers, he would never allow anyone else to disobey him.

“Ander, push my wheelchair out, it’s time to end this war.”

Ander was the second in command of the Continental Mercenaries, and the most loyal one who had always followed Kush. He knew Kush better than anyone else.

He stared at Kush for a long time before he pushed his wheelchair and prepared to go out.

The group of brothers behind him roared at him, “You will become the sinner of the Continental Mercenaries!”

Ander paused and still pushed Kush out. There was still sporadic gunfire outside, and he came into view on the opposite side of the field.

Only then did the three mercenary clans stop their bombardment.

The other men of the three major mercenary clans subconsciously stood in front of their respective leaders as Kush was pushed to the front. This was mainly because Kush’s name was scary itself, and even though they knew he was wounded, they were still wary of him attacking suddenly.

Kush looked like his body was hurting from laughter, and he grinned, showing his yellow teeth as he whispered weakly, “You’re that afraid of me?”

The three leaders were a little embarrassed and pushed the soldiers away, and that was when they saw Kush’s condition. He looked like he had aged a dozen years, almost into his sixties, and they didn’t expect Kush to be so badly injured that he was no different from a dying man.

“You’re agreeing to our terms, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we don’t kill the defeated, they will be safe if they agree to become construction slaves.”

Kush: “No, I want them to be free from slavery.”

The Li Family’s leader: “You have no room for bargaining. If you don’t like it, I’ll burn the ground you guys reside into ashes.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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