Chapter 626: Nothing’s Impossible for the Deviant Corp (Part One)

Many of Kush’s subordinates muttered as they slowly walked out with their guns raised. “I rather not exit this stage like this, I would rather die fighting!”

“Me too, the Continental Mercenaries surrendered and retired, that’s a history I never thought about.”

“I think the coolest ending would be if the Continental Mercenary Corps fought until the end and died with the enemy!”

“If I put down my gun, am I still a mercenary then? Guns are my soul!”

“Guys, if I can’t help but fight them later, I hope you’ll forgive me!”

“Everyone will be with you!”

They were muttering as they walked towards the three hundred mercenary troops.

At this time, the surroundings were cloudy from the ruins and smoke, and no one noticed a shadow springing out from a corner. That man was Dulson.

– Meanwhile – 

Mario was holding a bomb with a fuse. His arm strength was very strong, so even if it was a distance of a thousand meters, he could swing his arm and throw the bomb all the way to the rear of the army directly, detonating it to take out some mercenaries.

Chekhov’s sniper rifle was busy as well, sneaking up behind those mercenaries.

The three mercenary clans thought that it was Kush’s allies coming at them again, and when they turned around, Dulson had already put Kush up on his shoulders and escaped.

Even the second-in-command, Andre, who was pushing the wheelchair was stunned for a while since he felt that someone stood beside him and picked Kush up, yet the next moment he was gone, and so was Kush.

He couldn’t care about that anymore and opened his military jacket, which had been tied with many explosive packs, and he charged towards the front row of mercenaries who hadn’t reacted yet.


Fire rose up into the sky and the explosives that Andre detonated were large enough to kill a dozen of mercenaries and injure another dozen.

Having seen this, the mercenaries of the Continental Mercenaries who were going to surrender and throw their guns charged instead, still numbering in the two hundreds.

The three leaders turned around and shouted at their people, “Open fire, take out the Continental Mercenaries first. Just crush the ones at the back and dodge those people behind you.”

Mario and Zhang Xiu drove a pickup truck mounted with a Gatling Gun with Mario sitting on top, and when the car neared the rear of the army, Mario opened fire wildly and suddenly. He shot the enemy troops in front of him like they were shields made of flesh, feeling great while doing so.

Chekhov followed behind Xu Cheng and reaped through the crowd with his sniper rifle.

Those bullets that flew in front of Xu Cheng all stagnated in the air and then were returned by him to the mercenaries in the back row.

The three major mercenary clans with the three hundred mercenaries on either side of the building were immediately approached by the two hundred mercenaries of the Continental Mercenary Corp up front. Meanwhile behind them, Xu Cheng and the others were killing them, so they really couldn’t take care of themselves any better.

Xu Cheng used his telekinesis to control the bullets and send them back to kill dozens of mercenaries. He was angry when he noticed that those mercenaries were protecting the three major leaders, and a chilling light flashed across his eyes.

Then, an electric current flowed in one of his hands as he directly punched at one of the mercenaries. Suddenly, more than thirty mercenaries around the one that got punched had a chain reaction as they were electrocuted and died on the spot with charred faces.

Xu Cheng leapt high up and descended violently from the sky, smashing down directly into the center of the three major mercenary leaders.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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