Chapter 627: I Regret Being King of the Mercenaries (Part One)

With the death of the executive members of the three major mercenary clans, the death of their leaders, and the death toll reaching more than five hundred soldiers, some of the members of the alliance of the three mercenary clans threw down their guns and surrendered.

The Continental Mercenaries thought that they had won the fight, and they even wanted to take out the surrendering soldiers of the three major mercenaries clans. At this time, Xu Cheng was ready to take action against them for refusing to put down their guns, but Kush interrupted them, “Show mercy!”

None of the Continental Mercenary Corps members understood.

Kush was then placed in a wheelchair and as he was pushed to the center of the two armies, he told his men. “Put down your guns.”

The members of the Continental Mercenaries thought they had heard wrong, and one by one, they hesitated.

“I told you to put down your guns!” Kush said in a deep voice. He coughed, since talking had stretched his wound. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said, “Let them go, just let them go. Give them freedom and no slavery, and I promise, the Continental Mercenaries will be disbanded from now on.”

“Boss!” A bunch of people were yelling, “What are we resisting for?”

“So we can eat and survive!” Kush looked at his subordinates. “To not be exploited. Even if we rule the land here, so what? There’s nothing we can do to change the landscape of the Land of Mercenaries, so what’s the difference between us and the gang that ruled in the past?”

“So they can change the landscape?” the members pointed at Xu Cheng and snapped.

Xu Cheng looked at them and said, “How do you know you can’t if you don’t try? I won’t object if you guys want to resist; since more than five hundred of you have already died anyway, I don’t mind killing another hundred of you!”

Having said that, Xu Cheng raised his hand and said to those mercenaries of the three major mercenary clans, “Kill them, and you will be of use to us.”

Those mercenaries immediately picked up their guns and pointed them at the members of the Continental Mercenary Corps, and the soldiers fought against each other.

“Do you think we are afraid?” The soldiers of the Continental Mercenaries yelled and aimed their guns at them, but no one fired, and they didn’t shoot because they were just trying to give themselves more leverage.

“What do you want so you would let these brothers of mine go.” Kush looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “Do you need me to die too?”

“If I wanted you to die, I wouldn’t have saved you just now,” Xu Cheng said, “Let’s go for a talk?”

Kush nodded, and Dulson wheeled him a short distance away.

Xu Cheng stood beside him and said, “You are a dictator, so you should know what I need. With the demise of the four mercenary clans and the weakening of the Continental Mercenary Corps, the Land of Mercenaries will see even more chaos, and more independent armies supported by other countries will pop up to occupy the land.”

Kush: “You need to first answer me a question: I’ve always wondered who you are representing.”

Xu Cheng looked at Kush. “I represent myself.”

Kush: “Then why did you choose the Land of Mercenaries? What brought you here?”

Xu Cheng looked at him, and Kush stared back at Xu Cheng.

Kush said, “Is it for the mineral resources here or the oil field? Are you going to take it all away and get the hell out of here to leave the mess in the hands of the poor civilians and refugees here? You can choose not to answer, but I can also refuse to help you.”

Xu Cheng took out a cigarette and lit it, slowly saying after taking a puff, “Is it alright if I’m doing it for self-preservation?”

He looked at Kush sincerely and said, “I’ll make this place my home, and so will my gang of brothers. If there’s anywhere in the world that can hold us, I don’t think there’s a better place other than here. So, I’m going to give everything I can to this place, including improving it.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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