Chapter 628: One Smart Way Would be Better for Control (Part One)

Kush’s pupils constricted as he sat in his wheelchair and said to the leaving Xu Cheng, “You want to be independent? You haven’t taken my words to heart.”

Xu Cheng: “You won’t believe me even if I don’t represent other countries behind my back. I’m letting you be independent here, in your name!”

Kush: “I’ll be a target!”

Xu Cheng: “Don’t worry, I will only allow you to be independent after a foolproof plan is made. First, we will gather two thirds of the Land of Mercenaries into our hands, and this way, it won’t attract too many prying eyes. Then, when the time is here, we will declare our independence!”

Kush shouted, “You’re going to let me go?”

“I’m not only going to release you.” Xu Cheng turned to look at Kush. “I also want you to be the head of this country.”

Kush’s face was startled. “I just said, it’s hard to instate a leader in this country!”

Xu Cheng: “It’s not hard, because since you are the one who overthrew the corrupt system, you have the best reputation among the natives of the Land of Mercenaries. That’s why you are the best candidate to become the head of this country.”

Kush: “That’s not what I mean by difficult! I mean external interference!”

Xu Cheng looked at him and said meaningfully, “The Deviant Corp will be your strongest shield!”

Xu Cheng had figured it out.

There was no way to expose them right now, but if he wanted the Deviant Corp to become the top mercenary clan, then the only way to do that was to use an existing group. The Deviant Corp will be above that group and have the ability to hide in the shadows to protect Kush and his squad. In this way, it would be more mysterious and safer for the Deviant Corp members.

What he wanted to do was similar to how the M Nation capital was controlled by the Rothschild and the Capitalist Society, which were only mentioned in myths and stories but in fact controlled everything behind the scenes.

The Deviant Corp could also survive in the Land of Mercenaries in this manner, standing behind the government as their ace in the hole. This might be the best kind of survival for them. Perhaps this world shouldn’t have so much chaos to influence public opinion; it was better not to see the light, because once Xu Cheng was exposed, those powerful countries in this world would have all the ways on how to destroy them. By then, they really wouldn’t be able to resist in their current state. Kush’s words made Xu Cheng calm down, Kush had occupied a perfect time and place here in the Land of Mercenaries compared to Xu Cheng, but he was under pressure not to be independent, and Xu Cheng felt that he had thought of things a little too simply before.

So, he changed his mind.

The Deviant Corp could learn the ways by which those past giants had managed to exist in secrecy, and once others tried to mess with this country, their assassination would be executed at a terrifying level in the dark!

Xu Cheng’s intelligence network work will soon be overshadowed, and if anyone tries to dictate to Kush’s government, the Deviant Corp will make that person vanish from the face of the earth without a trace!

“Just you guys?” Kush sneered at Xu Cheng and his gang of brothers.

Xu Cheng said, “It doesn’t take much, give us some time. You just need to manage your territory. As for those other small mercenary corps, my people will annihilate them, and you can take over at the end.”

Kush raised his eyebrows as he caught the hint. “You want me to be your puppet?”

“You could say that, but you don’t have a choice. Don’t you want to see this country in peace? I’m giving you this chance, so go ahead and do whatever you want; we’re behind you. Once you die, I will continue to guard this place for you. With my ability, it’s really not hard to kill any of the mercenary group leaders and make them disintegrate. I’ll kill as many as I can, and you don’t need to doubt that.”

Xu Cheng walked away.

He took Zhang Xiu and the others with him.

Leaving all those captives with the Continental Mercenaries for them to look after, his sudden decision to leave puzzled Zhang Xiu and the others.

Hadn’t they agreed to conquer this territory?

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