Chapter 629: The Deviant Corp Membership (Part One)

Xu Cheng, Luo Yi, Li Wei, Dulson, Diesel, Mario, Chekhov, Zhang Xiu, Vala, and the sidekick Benjamin drove two pickup trucks to the former base camp of the Deviant Corp.

In the trucks, everyone seemed to have a relaxed look on their faces.

After they handed each other cigarettes and smoked them, they seemed to be very pleased, and everyone became a lot more broad-minded.

Xu Cheng thought it out well. It was better to be an invisible ruler than to be beaten up by people, they only needed to guard the Deviant Corp’s mountain until the quantum research was completed. Once nuclear weapons in the quantum realm were in their hands, they would have the power to protect themselves.

Who would be able to beat them in the world in terms of assassination?

As long as they didn’t go around to provoke anyone, even if it was the President of the M Nation, when they were provoked enough, they would have a hundred ways to kill him!

In fact, after thinking this through, Xu Cheng felt that they were more proactive; at least before they were completely exposed, the world’s understanding of them would be equal to zero. With this foundation, they could be hiding in the shadows and still be manipulating the world at will. So why expose yourself to stand up against the world?

Back in the mountain, Mario went to get a knife and handed it to Benjamin. “Cut off one of your hands to prove your loyalty.”

Benjamin was stunned. “It’s this extreme?”

He looked at the others but every one of them was serious and not joking, and Benjamin grinned. “Why cut off a hand when loyalty can be shown in so many ways?”

Mario: “Cut it off if you’re told to do so, I cut off three fingers when it was my turn!”

Benjamin: “Lies! Why are your fingers perfectly intact then.”

Diesel looked at Benjamin seriously and said, “No kidding Benjamin, either you chop off your own hand and stay a part of the group, or I’ll kill you!”

Meanwhile, Xu Cheng walked upstairs and said, “Don’t force it, we just want fine ones, quantity’s not priority. And don’t make it difficult for him, let him stay here for life to do odd jobs.”

Benjamin hesitated. It wasn’t that he wasn’t loyal, but he was just a little hesitant to do it. However, seeing everyone’s stern eyes, he took the dagger from Mario, hung his hand in the air, and cut it off.

He hurted so badly that he couldn’t even scream and had cold sweat all over his forehead. He gritted his teeth to the point where veins popped out and his neck became all red.

Having seen that he had done it, Diesel patted him on the shoulder and then led him to the basement along with Lin Dong.

Xu Cheng said to Diesel, “Let him take charge of the bodies and burn them all.”

Benjamin was speechless as he complained to Diesel. “Hey man, I’ve got hands like this and I still have to work?”

Diesel took him to the basement, and that afternoon, when Benjamin came up from the basement, his hand was reattached. He took it upon himself to go and carry those bodies near the hill to dispose of them; he did it without a word of complaint throughout the process.

In the evening, the group, under the leadership of Xu Cheng, came to the tombstones built for the dead brothers in the back of the mountain and mourned.

Li Wei kept bowing, for a long time, and no one could pull him away. He just bowed to those tombstones for such a long time that the evening almost passed before he finally returned to his room.

“From now on, this will be the Deviant Corp’s territory. Since our brothers are buried here, we will also live here in the future,” Xu Cheng said to Zhang Xiu during dinner, “After dinner, you go and bring back the professor and the others. From now on, this place is absolutely safe, they can feel free to run experiments and research. Any equipment they need in the future can be approved, we just need to inform the Continental Mercenaries.”

Zhang Xiu nodded and drove off; Benjamin wanted to show his commitment and do more things for the group, so he also followed.

Zhang Xiu drove the car and saw Benjamin, who was a different man compared to before, and smiled. “Did we scare you?”

Benjamin looked a little awkward but nodded. “I don’t know what I’m going through right now.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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