Chapter 631: Kush Joins (Part One)  

Benjamin easily caught the cup Kush threw at him as Kush’s strength was weaker than a sick cat at the moment.  

“Look at you right now, even the Capitalist Society can’t save you, but the Deviant Corp can.” Benjamin walked over to his bed and said, “As long as you join as a council member of the Deviant Corp, you will be able to enjoy the treatment that this organization offers, such as saving you from this disease of yours.” 

Kush was somewhat annoyed as he suddenly looked up at Benjamin and asked incredulously, “What did you say?”  

Benjamin: “Join the Deviant Corp and become a member of the council.”  

Kush: “Not that one.”  

Benjamin: “Join the Deviant Corp and become a member of the Council.” 

Kush: “I’m saying that I heard you can help my body recover?” 

Benjamin nodded. “The premise being that you will join the Deviant Corp and then become a member of the council, which means looking towards the organization’s interests. In other words, you can still be the King of Mercenaries, or you can continue to let the Continental Mercenaries rule the place, but you must serve the Deviant Corp!”  

Benjamin looked at him seriously and said, “I’ll heal you now, if you can do that.”

Kush: “How are you going to heal me? You have the medical equipment?”  

Benjamin said impatiently, “Mr. Kush, you talk a lot. I’m just here on a mission, either you join or you don’t. I don’t have extra time to spend with you.”  

Kush asked, “You said I need to serve the Deviant Corp… serve what exactly?” 

Benjamin: “You need to rule the land of the mercenaries and then shelter the Deviant Corp, and make it the birthplace or a home for the Deviant Corp.” 

Kush: “That’s impossible! Once I do that, I’ll be eliminated by the worldwide agents or elite assassination groups.” 

Benjamin said confidently, “The Deviant Corp will protect you! As long as you don’t leave the country and stay here, we can keep you safe. We can even remove those opponents you’re facing now by killing their leaders! You only have to consider two points now, first, whether you want to restore your strength; and secondly, do you want to be the president and save the native population? We won’t interfere with any of your future political tactics and policies, we just want you to give the Deviant Corp political asylum. Maybe that will bring you down to the forefront and be no different than making you a shield for us, but we will protect you, we can have a symbiotic relationship. Think about it, I can give you a minute.”  

Kush still couldn’t help but ask, “Can you really restore this broken body of mine? Are you joking? I’ve been on video calls with surgeons around the world, shown them the films I’ve taken, and they’ve said that there’s nothing I can do. I know how difficult this situation is, part of my liver has become necrotic and I have to have a transplant surgery. It’s so risky that I’m afraid I won’t be able to continue to fight like this when it’s done.”  

Benjamin looked down at his watch. “Twenty-eight seconds to go.”  

Kush: “You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Then tell me how you will cure me first. Have you brought your surgical team with you?”  

Benjamin: “Seventeen seconds to go.”  

Kush was going crazy, he wanted to kill Benjamin.  

“Get out of here! It’s not like I’m afraid of dying, I just don’t want to see my other brothers destroyed like that,” Kush said.

Benjamin: “That’s why our boss said to make you the head of the Land of Mercenaries and leave this country in your hands. If you can’t afford to leave your brothers and people behind, then be the old commander that you were, we will grant your wish. You only need to sacrifice your power, and have the Deviant Corp control everything behind the scenes. You said you can grieve and not care, so what are you afraid of? It’s not like we’re going to use your rights to make a fool of ourselves here. Well, time’s up.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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