Chapter 632: Good News from Home (Part One) 

Xu Cheng was ready to leave the Land of Mercenaries, he needed to go find more researchers to secretly assist Hawking. In the past, he didn’t dare to openly invite them because he was afraid of attracting eyes from other countries, but now it was different; with the protection of the Continental Mercenary Corps, he could avoid all eyes, so this time he could go.  

When Xu Cheng appeared at the border checkpoint that he had previously forced his way through, a group of soldiers carrying guns rushed to yell, “What are you standing there for? Want to get out of here? No way, get back to your stinking nest.”  

Having said that, a certain old soldier in the hall who could see the video surveillance came running and when he saw that Xu Cheng still had no intention of doing anything. He said to Xu Cheng, “You want to get out?”  

Xu Cheng nodded. “What, the usual rules?”

He had an understanding look on his face and was about to take off his jacket to reveal his vest when that veteran soldier said, “Forget it, you can leave.”  

Those soldiers were stunned. 


This veteran soldier raised his hand to interrupt them and said to Xu Cheng, “Hurry up.”  

After Xu Cheng put on his jacket, he nodded and directly got in through the iron fence before disappearing from the view of the group of border guards.  

“Commander, why did you let this guy go without searching him, or following the protocol?”  

The commander said, “Didn’t I tell you that there are a few people in the Land of Mercenaries whose face is their pass?”  

“I know, aren’t they all influential warlords, but who is this guy?” 

The Commander turned to look at Xu Cheng’s and said, “I don’t know who he is, but the reason why several seniors before you were forced to retire from the army was because of this man.” 

After saying that, the commander walked back into his office, ignoring the eyes-widened soldiers. 

“So, that guy was the reason why we got these jobs?” the soldier muttered comically.  

Xu Cheng appeared at the airport place, the black man who was working for him before came again, holding a notebook. “Mr. Fang, this is the passport that Stenson prepared for you. I have already booked the tickets.”  

Xu Cheng nodded and patted him on the shoulder. “I troubled you again.”  

The black man was flattered. “No trouble Mr. Fang, our boss said that if you have time to go to his place, he will treat you well.”  

“Maybe next time.” After Xu Cheng took the passport, he headed towards the bathroom.  

Behind the black man, there was an assistant who curiously asked the black man, “Boss Hanks, who is this guy? We came all the way over here to deliver his passport to him and this is what he does?”  

The black man’s name was Hanks, and he scoffed at the ignorance of his assistant. “I was in the same position in the gang as you were two months ago, a ‘nobody.’ And the boss asked me to run some errands in this shithole, so I got a few things done specifically for Mr. Fang, and then I got promoted. It’s all because of this guy that you were just scoffing at.” 

Having said that, Hanks glanced at his assistant again. “Grow some heart. You should know that he’s somebody from my attitude. I’m reminding you that Mr. Fang has a high reputation within the circle, and it was all thanks to Mr. Fang that the four gangs make their way into the M Nation and dominate the powerful city of Las Vegas, do you get it? The two largest Las Vegas casinos are under Mr. Fang’s name.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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