Chapter 633: Forced to Be High Profile (Part One)

Xu Cheng hadn’t seen Lin Chuxue for three months and he missed her very much.

Lin Chuxue stood in front of her apartment in high heels and a fluffy one-piece dress that accentuated her slender body. Then, a shallow acquaintance from next door greeted her. “Waiting for someone? Miss Nicole, my son is really nice; perhaps you should get to know him?”

Lin Chuxue smiled. “That’s alright, I’m actually married.”

“I know this is an excuse you pretty girls use because you don’t want to be bothered, but don’t worry, my son has a good career and appearance.” This woman, named Jenny, heard that Lin Chuxue was studying at Harvard, had modest manners, and was a perfect woman in her eyes, so she thought that Lin Chuxue was very suitable for her son. Her son was too busy, so she wanted to find him a perfect wife. “He is already on his way here. Seeing that we were good neighbours, you should meet him once.”

Lin Chuxue smiled gently and elegantly. “Perhaps not, I’m really married and I’m waiting for my husband.”

Having said that, Xu Cheng appeared across the street of the apartment. He had just gotten out of the taxi, and was standing across the street, smiling at Lin Chuxue when he saw her.

Lin Chuxue, however, after giving him a fake smile, turned around with her arms crossed before her chest and went upstairs.

Jenny saw that Xu Cheng had arrived in a taxi and became confused, since in her mind, someone like Lin Chuxue, who was a student at Harvard and seemed perfect from inside out, shouldn’t have an average boyfriend. When she saw Xu Cheng, she doubted that Lin Chuxue’s taste in man was this bad.

“That’s her husband?” Jenny was still not quite convinced that Lin Chuxue would like a man like Xu Cheng.

Lin Chuxue had already gone upstairs, and when Xu Cheng came from the other side, Jenny pushed him away and said, “This is an apartment where women live. Men are forbidden to go up there.”

Xu Cheng: “I’m her husband, I came over to pick her up.”

Jenny: “Why do I feel like she’s not happy that you are picking her up? Are you a real husband or a fake one? I know girls like Nicole have boys who like her and that’s normal. Besides there are a lot of bold ones nowadays, but let me tell you, a woman like Nicole is not the kind of woman a boy like you can give a future to.”

“Who are you?” Xu Cheng was wondering why this woman seemed so nosy.

“I’m the landlord of this apartment,” the woman responded.

“Then that’s none of your business, she’s really my wife. I just haven’t visited her at school for a while, so I’m not crazy,” Xu Cheng explained.

“Listen.” Jenny was sure that no one would come after Nicole, and she expected to give this opportunity to her son, who was on his way to leave work at this point. She said to Xu Cheng in a serious tone, “She has a date, I ask you not to harass her. If you don’t leave, I might have to call the police.”

As her words dropped, a Cadillac SUV pulled over and a man in his 30s who looked very successful came over. He saw that Xu Cheng wanted to make a move on Jenny so he stepped forward and snapped, “What are you trying to do?”

This man was the landlord’s son, a man with a successful career working for a large corporation with a title belonging to a mid-level manager.

“I didn’t do anything, I have some misunderstandings with my wife and I was explaining it to her,” Xu Cheng said.

The landlord Jenny whispered a few words into her son’s ear, perhaps painting Xu Cheng as her son’s potential rival.

Jenny had already shown Lin Chuxue’s photo to her son in the past, and he was amazed to the point where he felt that no matter what, he had to come over and meet her in person.

He heard from his mother that Lin Chuxue was also studying at Harvard in the finance department, and she would definitely become a competitive asset on Wall Street, which was a perfect match with his career. Most importantly, she was too perfect and beautiful!

Having heard from his mother that Xu Cheng was his romance rival and could be a bast*rd who deceives women, he looked at Xu Cheng and said outrageously, “Sir, I’m warning you, it’s fine to chase women, but don’t have a crooked mind.”  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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