Chapter 634: The Haunting Phone Call (Part One)

The landlord’s son felt annoyed from embarrassment. “So what if you’re rich? I’m telling you, you’re ugly and you don’t know how to impress women. Can’t you see that she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore? Hurry up and get out of here!”

Just at this moment, Lin Chuxue, who had already changed into a formal dress and freshened up, came down stairs.

The landlord hurriedly greeted Lin Chuxue with her son, “Miss Nicole, see? I didn’t lie to you, my son is a great man.”

The landlord’s son straightened up his suit and introduced himself in a serious manner.

However, Lin Chuxue never looked at him once and only smiled at the landlord. “Mrs. Jenny, it’s not appropriate for you to introduce your son to me in front of my husband, is it?”

Both of them were stunned.

Lin Chuxue smiled and continued to say, “I didn’t lie to you about my marriage. That unattractive man outside is indeed my husband. Excuse me for now.”

She then brushed past the two and walked towards the limo.

The landlord’s son said in annoyance at Lin Chuxue, “You’re simply shallow. I thought a Harvard woman would be different, but I didn’t think you would also be a woman who would sell her love for money regardless of happiness.”

Lin Chuxue laughed as she turned to look at him and said. “Sir, I just heard what you said to my husband and I want to give it back to you now. In fact, someone like you is a loser. You say I am a vulgar woman who likes money, so let me ask you, why don’t I live in a fancy apartment or a five-star hotel, instead preferring to live in an ordinary apartment like yours? Benevolence is a matter of opinion; for someone who is extremely selfish in his heart, I don’t think I need to explain anything to you. Frankly, I don’t care if you look at me in that way, because to me, you are nothing.”

Although Lin Chuxue was angry with Xu Cheng, she would defend him from anyone who called him out.

Xu Cheng leaned on the window of the car and gave Lin Chuxue a thumbs up. “Amazing.”

Lin Chuxue glared at him, and as Stenson was ready to open the door for her, she went around past Xu Cheng’s door and pulled open the side Xu Cheng was at. She went in and pushed Xu Cheng out of the way and sat down on the Boss seat.

“Didn’t you say that I will be in charge of the family funds money from now on? People are right, you’re so ugly anyway, and they think I’m just after your money being with you. I should live up to their impression of me and just spend your money harder. I’ll take the boss chair, and you, who doesn’t care, can go away to the other side.”

Xu Cheng smiled and sat at the side.

Stenson, who was in the passenger seat, was shocked as this was his first time seeing his boss, who was strict to his men, respected by the big four mafia groups, and the man behind the Las Vegas incident, showing such a tolerant side to his wife.

Stenson turned to look at Lin Chuxue, and he was stunned.

Putting aside that Xu Cheng was his boss, Lin Chuxue was indeed stunning. She looked very much like a work of art that was perfectly flawless from afar and had a cold and difficult presence from up-close. However, the more she was unreachable, the more men would want to go after her, being satisfied if they could melt this iceberg by just a little.

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