Chapter 635: Headline: Lin Chuxue’s Husband (Part One)

– Airport –

Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue had just landed, and Ye Xiu was already at the airport to pick them both up personally.

Lin Chuxue and Xu Cheng’s trip was very low-key this time, and Lin Chuxue was even wearing sunglasses as she held Xu Cheng’s arm when they came out.

Ye Xiu’s face brightened up when he saw Xu Cheng and quickly ran over.

“Oh man, you’re finally here.” Ye Xiu smiled and came over to carry the luggage for the two.

Xu Cheng didn’t have much; it was mainly just Lin Chuxue’s clothes, so one suitcase was enough for the two of them.

Ye Xiu walked to the parking lot as he carried the suitcase.

However, the reporters at the airport were still like sharks that had caught a trace of blood. Even with her sunglasses on, Lin Chuxue, who was already considered semi-retired from the entertainment circle, was still too visible with her height and devilish figure!

It was hard to ignore someone who was over 5’6 with a body fitting the golden proportions, since most of them were already in the entertainment industry or were a model. She was obviously not a foreign model with her black hair, and there were only a few with those body proportions in the entertainment circle. Although it was hard to see how she looked, her attractive figure alone was enough for reporters to speculate and take photos.

So they followed her for a while and a person’s name immediately surfaced in a few of the reporters’ brains!

Lin Chuxue!

The Diva Lin Chuxue!

That half-retired, half-hidden Lin Chuxue who had been in hiding for almost half a year was caught on camera today.

“Is that… is that Lin Chuxue? That figure and height, as well as the fashion sense seems like her.”

“It’s definitely her! Who else but the diva Lin Chuxue would have a height of over 5’6 with that figure.”

“But doesn’t she always have a lot of followers? Everywhere she went, there were bodyguards and assistants.”  

“Don’t be silly, I heard that her assistant and manager from Royal Capital Entertainment are working with the other newcomers. I think someone took over Liu Ziqi’s shift. That’s definitely her! If she’s not in show business, why is she wearing sunglasses? Isn’t that a cover-up?”

For a while, the reporters who liked to lurk in the airport acted as if they chugged an entire case of energy drink as they all rushed over towards Lin Chuxue.

Lin Chuxue was wearing sunglasses, but the delicate half of her face that wasn’t covered, including her lips and nose bridge, were enough to show her beauty.

The reason she didn’t hide herself this time was because she had let go of her past in showbiz and completely thought of herself as an ordinary person, an ordinary woman who was accompanying her husband. She thought she had left the entertainment industry for long enough that even if she was found, in this fast-paced industry, she would be considered unpopular, and thus she didn’t take it seriously.

However, she forgot how much of an impact it would have if she was holding a man’s arm in public.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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