Chapter 636: The Elderly Want to Meet Lin Chuxue (Part One)

Xu Cheng’s personal information was compromised!

Earlier videos of him participating on the True Man reality show reappeared, and that was when they realized him, and Lin Chuxue really have in-sync minds. In the program, it was no wonder that Xu Cheng only took care of Lin Chuxue, the audience didn’t know then that they had long been a couple.

A portion of the fans did not buy into it and went to Xu Cheng’s weibo to bomb him with all sorts of curses.

But at this time, the public relations of Royal Capital Entertainment Company responded and published a themed post on the web and in major newspapers.

“Childhood sweethearts of 20 years.”

It wrote about a man who was willing to let his wife go to the entertainment industry for her musical dreams, a man who deserved to be called a good man for seven years of waiting behind the scenes. And a woman, who went from nobody to a popular diva, and for all these years through the storms, her heart was never blinded and changed by the entertainment industry’s glitz and glamour. She had been humbly picking scripts, making exquisite albums for fans in return of their love, and was always worthy as a wife. After such a sensational and romantic report came out, Lin Chuxue and Xu Cheng’s marriage went into another wave.

Those who were scolding Xu Cheng before all of a sudden felt that maybe this man was the only one who could be worthy of their Princess Snow.

That sentence describing how they had known each other for 20 years and were childhood sweethearts really touched the readers.

It was really rare to maintain a relationship, and after the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, they could still keep the promises they made years ago.

However, there were also other fools who wanted to go against the headlines for attention.

One of them was an actress who had been controversial since her debut. Lin Yan was a representative of the new generation of sexy actresses, and she bombarded Lin Chuxue on Weibo. “Just hype! Gone for half a year, and rumors have it that she went into hiatus, but who knows. Maybe she’s short of funds and wants to take this opportunity to make a comeback, I really envy you for having a good PR team.”

Lin Chuxue was busy those days helping Aunt Lan pick out a wedding dress to prepare for her wedding, so she didn’t have the time to read up on anything about the entertainment industry. She didn’t even think that Lin Yan’s Weibo had called her out.

The fans on both sides went straight to war.

However, Lin Chuxue’s fans really were not simple as they bombed Lin Yan’s Weibo!

Lin Yan, made it to the Trending# section on Weibo with the topic of ‘Lin Yan mocks Princess Snow Lin Chuxue’, which was also considered to attract attention.

She went a step further, taking Lin Chuxue’s silence as admitting what she said as she continued to post on Weibo. “Not daring to reply to my words then it would be admitting, eh? You’re just an over-the-top movie queen, and I always thought how pure and innocent you were, but I didn’t think you one and only scandal would need to use a man! I thought you’d be an insulator on this matter in the entertainment industry.”

Her words were nasty-sounding and full of sarcasm.

In the Royal Capital Entertainment Company.

Liu Ziqi, who was already a top-notch celebrity at Royal Capital Entertainment, couldn’t help but talk back at Lin Yan on Weibo.

“Where were you when she retired into the shadow at the peak of her popularity? How come I don’t think you’ve ever been popular when you say certain people are over the top? Do you doubt the relationship between my sister and my brother-in-law? So why did she quit the entertainment industry for her husband at the height of her popularity? Brains are a good thing, I hope you have one!”

Lin Yan felt that she could even gain more attention if she started something with Liu Ziqi, who was also a big star. So she quickly replied on Weibo, “If it’s for love, then why come out again? Who would believe that she’s not thinking of making a comeback in this case?”

Then a bunch of Lin Chuxue’s fans commented, “We can’t wait for Princess Snow to make a comeback; as long as her album and movie  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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