Chapter 638: The Dinner (Part One)

Those artists who didn’t respond didn’t know Ye Xiu at all; they wouldn’t have known about him with their social standings.

Lin Yan’s agent had recently received two advertising endorsements due to the hype. Although these endorsements weren’t big, being just for games, it was money nonetheless. She had agreed to go for a photo shoot, and on their way there, she received a call from the company’s CEO.

He cut straight to the point, “Did you authorize Lin Yan’s Weibo account or did she post that stuff herself? Isn’t it the company’s strict policy that no artist can publish what they want without permission?”

Lin Yan’s agent was dumbfounded and she immediately said, “It was Lin Yan’s own idea. I didn’t allow her at first, but now it seems that the effect is very good. She has completely earned enough attention, and I have received two million-dollar ad endorsements and three variety show invitations. As long as we keep the exposure going, other scripts will come accordingly. I must say that this wave of hype is very good. “

The other end shouted through the phone, “Not bad my a*s! Does she not see what kind of person she is, is she going to bite anyone who’s against her? Did she think she could jump into this hype with Lin Chuxue’s level of popularity? Hurry up and clear all of the Weibo posts and apologize for this incident!”

“President Chen, you’re not kidding, are you?” The agent was shocked.

President Chen said, “If you don’t do it, I’ll cancel all of Lin Yan’s endorsements and other work on behalf of the company. You’re her agent, you decide how you will proceed.”

Meanwhile, the other company CEOs all received a letter from a lawyer from a Yanjing law firm.

The letter asked their company’s male artists to stop hiring people to spread rumors and send curses at Xu Cheng’s Weibo.

Several CEOs did not care at first because they would receive a few of these letters every year. Unless it was a court order, they would not suffer any legal penalties if they ignored them.

Moreover, these lawyers’ letters were criticizing their male artists, and who would be happy to listen to those?

More than six or seven male artists were hiring people to curse at Xu Cheng, and most of the time, they would have a management team. They were also celebrities who had some solid fanbase.

Since they were old artists, the company was turning a blind eye towards what they were doing.

However, the broadcast bureau side made a move.

They did nothing but invite the CEOs who managed the entertainment companies those seven male artists came from.

The CEOs were sure to be there, and all of them had arrived early.

At the dinner, the top manager of the Broadcasting Bureau excused himself for a little while and then opened a door and invited Ye Xiu to come in.

After Ye Xiu came in, the seven CEOs who were going to toast the top manager of the Broadcasting Bureau were all stunned and surprised to see him being so respectful to the young man.

The manager introduced Ye Xiu to them, “This is Young Master Ye.”

“It was me who invited the seven of you over for dinner today, sorry if I interrupted your schedules,” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, no no no.” The seven CEOs were all flattered. Although they didn’t know what kind of background Ye Xiu had, if the manager of the Broadcasting Bureau respected this man, then he must be someone they couldn’t afford to mess around with.

“Young Master Ye, let’s toast to you. Make yourself at home, and we’ll drink up.” The seven CEOs came together and raised their cups with both hands.

Ye Xiu waved his hands. “Wait a minute, how can I let you guys toast me, it should be me toasting you guys. My brother has recently offended these people for some reason. He’s being bullied and personally attacked by them, but he’s very busy right now and doesn’t have the time to take care of these things. I’m his younger brother, so I can’t ignore what those people are saying to him. That’s why I’m here inviting you to apologize.”

“Oh no, that is not necessary.” The seven CEOs were taken aback as they laughed bitterly and said, “Young Master Ye, you’re slapping us in the face. How could we be in the place for you to apologize to us…” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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