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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 64

Chapter 64: The Beautiful Scenery From That One Punch

Since he said it so confidently, Xu Cheng couldn’t refuse.

He rubbed his fists, licked his dry lips, and said, “Then… Here I come?”

“Quit wasting time, just come,” Wu Hao said.

Xu Cheng saw he was trying to lock in his inner qi like in martial art movies, so he decided to do a light punch and see if it was lethal.

This punch was quite understated by the looks of it because he didn’t use much strength.

After landing the punch, he looked at Wu Hao and saw that he wasn’t hurt at all.

“Is this it?” Wu Hao’s face was full of disdain. “Are you serious? I didn’t even feel anything, are you sure you hit me?”

Yan Wei on the side said with ridicule, “Ying, you are an intelligent and rational girl, but sometimes you should assess a person more carefully. Don’t just boast about his abilities.”

Wang Ying snorted, “Xu Cheng didn’t use his strength at all. He was afraid of hurting Captain Wu Hao.”

“Oh? Not using his strength? Then what’s he waiting for? We are both soldiers, no need to go easy on me,” Wu Hao said loudly. “If I frown, that means your strength is decent , but did you see me frown just now?

Xu Cheng replied, “Nope. I will try to control my strength and spread it in 10 punches and test them progressively on you, does that sound okay?”

Wu Hao: “Not to mention 10, I can even let you punch 20 times. Stop talking and hurry, or I will get internal injuries from locking my inner qi for too long.”

Xu Cheng nodded and didn’t waste any more time. He rubbed his fist. This time, he used some strength, but just like he said, he suppressed it to 10% and would gradually add more power to each punch.

“Then I will use some strength,” Xu Cheng said as he threw a punch.


The sound of flesh hitting flesh was heard. There was an instant before the punch landed when Wu Hao thought Xu Cheng’s punch wouldn’t hurt because he didn’t pull it back very far before punching. Who would’ve thought, the moment the fist came into contact with his body, it would look like it was a light collision but he would clearly feel a slight tremor in his internal organs.

Although he was still flexing his solid abs and didn’t frown, this fist made some muscles on his face twitch a bit.

The punch was so sudden that it almost broke the qi locked down in Wu Hao’s body.

Yan Wei smiled. “How is it, Ying? Your Captain Wu Hao’s qi technique isn’t just boasting.”

Wang Ying also said admiringly, “Indeed, Captain Wu Hao is indeed the representative figure of our military region.”

Wu Hao rolled his eyes, showing his arrogance.

Xu Cheng withdrew his fist and said, “Then the second one is coming.”

“Wait what?” Wu Hao’s eyes opened up wide. “Second one? You mean that just now was the first punch of the ten?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Yes, now I will try again with 10 percent more strength.”

Wu Hao took in a big breath and said, “Come on.”

This time, he would not underestimate Xu Cheng.

And this time, Xu Cheng pulled his fist back further, and the swing was now considered to be a regular punch and gave a feeling of strength.


When this fist landed on Wu Hao’s abdominal muscles, his organs almost got displaced. When Xu Cheng moved his fist away, a dark red fist mark was left on Wu Hao’s abs. Scientifically speaking, the strong pressure caused blood to rush to the skin layer so hard that a fist mark appeared. However, it couldn’t have been easily done, so even Yan Wei smelled something fishy upon seeing this.

He noticed that Wu Hao’s left eye was twitching. Clearly, it was him trying to digest the pain and the chain reaction brought by Xu Cheng’s punch. Yep, Wu Hao wouldn’t have imagined in a million years the amount of power packed behind Xu Cheng punch just now. He just felt like a bull came right at him, and if he wasn’t gripping the floor with his feet and stance, he would’ve probably been sent flying away by the fist. And now, his organs felt like they were dancing around in his body, a feeling as chilling as dancing in his grave.

“Captain Wu is indeed powerful, capable of taking my second punch. Then, here I come again,” Xu Cheng said as he took a step back, giving enough distance for this punch to collect momentum.

Seeing this posture, Wu Hao’s eyelids shivered a bit.

Holy fack, another one?

But since he already let out his boastful words, he took in a deep breath and solidified his stance.

“Come on!”

This time, when Xu Cheng’s fist came over, a “xew” sound of air resistance could even be heard. It got to Wu Hao’s ears, and his pupils immediately enlarged.

With a “poom” sound, Wu Hao’s eyes narrowed.

This moment, this second, he felt like it was as long as a decade, and the amount of pain he felt reminded him of the suffering and hardship in this world. After enduring the pain until it lessened to a manageable state, he felt like he was tired of living. His mood right now could only be compared to getting raped by a bull.

“Captain Wu, your eyebrows moved,” Wang Ying started at the change going on with Wu Hao’s face and said.

Right now, Wu Hao just wanted to swear, but he could only mumble in his heart, Not only my eyebrows moved, can’t you see both of my eyelids are shivering too?!

When Xu Cheng moved his fist, Yan Wei took a look at the fist mark. It was a mark before, and now it was swollen… He suddenly swallowed the saliva in his mouth. Thank god he didn’t try to act tough earlier, and now he could only sympathize with Wu Hao as he held his tears to finish acting tough.

Pew. Wu Hao suddenly began bleeding from one of his nostrils.

Wang Ying exclaimed, “Captain Wu, your nose is bleeding.”

Wu Hao touched his nose. Oh sh*t, he was bleeding for real.

“Uhh, I ate a lot of spicy food today, that probably caused the nosebleed. It’s fine. Oh and, Xu Cheng, let’s stop wasting time. How about this, just give me your best shot,” Wu Hao said.

“My best shot?” Xu Cheng hesitated. “I didn’t have the time to test it. After I broke the dynamometer machine last time, I hadn’t been able to get numerical data on that punch. I’m really not confident that I won’t hurt you with this punch.”

Just as Yan Wei thought, Wu Hao decided to act tough all the way until the end. Wu Hao said, “You gave me 3 punches, but other than the frown, did you get another reaction from me? I will give you the last punch for you to prove yourself. Just seize this opportunity.”

“It’s fine, I will just use half of my strength. I’m afraid that my best punch will kill you.” Xu Cheng said, “Captain, prepare yourself, I’m coming.”

Half of his strength? Also scared of killing me?

Wu Hao muttered to himself in his heart, “Today, whatever it takes, I will take this punch. All for my dignity!”

Yan Wei knew his partner very well, yet he never saw Wu Hao this serious, as if he was about to face a very powerful enemy. He never saw him taking this long to prepare his stance and qi lockdown. From how he was constantly sweating beans, Yan Wei knew Wu Hao already barely managed to withstand Xu Cheng’s second punch.

Then taking a look at Xu Cheng, after he rolled up his sleeves and revealed his solid muscles, he relaxed his fingers and then suddenly gathered them into a fist, and then opened up a distance of five meters.

Wu Hao carefully swallowed his saliva. Seeing Xu Cheng charging over with that fist and the pressure and domineering force he carried with him, Wu Hao really regretted saying all those things earlier. If possible, he really wanted to go home and find his mom, and eat his favorite dish that his mom always prepared for him.

Why would he suddenly have this thought?

Because he realized something as Xu Cheng’s fist landed on his abdominal muscles. What qi? What golden bell absolute defense martial art? All of that were useless. His entire body directly left earth and flew into the sky. That feeling of defying gravity really made him think that he was going to heaven. Through the sky, accompanied by the blood spewing from his mouth that left a perfect red arc in the air, his body flew away like a kite with a broken string.

Wang Ying and Yan Wei’s mouth were wide open as they sent Wu Hao off with their eyes, with Xu Cheng half kneeling on the ground holding the pose with his fist still out.

Yan Wei would never forget this day, that beautiful arc, and that scenery of that one punch.


TL Note: Ayy, now let’s pray for the North Gate leader and guess how far he will fly.

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